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So, you've arrived at the about us page. Don't we all just love the about page where people just talk in the third person...

Well since this site is for a community of sailing lovers, and is full of writers, what is there to say About Us, About Me or whatever it is that's supposed to go here ?

I'm Paul & I set this site up to bring together a community of people.

There's lot's of communities on the web but we like to hang out here.Our community is all about Sailing ........ (if you didn't know already)

We post lots of content on all things....... you guessed it SAILING ! There's going to be lot's more content once we grow our team of writers but for now you'll have to endure me & a few others.

Hopefully, you'll have a look around our site, find your favorite writer & enjoy the content.

You may even sign up for our newsletter where we can spam your inbox on a regular basis......... just kidding only 15 times a week :)

Okay, Okay, we'll keep your inbox clean from lots of DeepSailing stuff. Just some content you might enjoy.

For the tiny few that actually get to the about us page and read this far, I can safely assume you're a diehard sailing lover or you just don't have much going on in your life.

If you have any input about how we can be better (it's hard to beat perfection though), you can simply contact us at info@deepsailing.com or through our contact page.

Look forward to hearing from you

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