Best Baby Boat Gear In 2022

Written by Paul

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P.s. No baby was harmed in the making of this article.

Best Baby Life-Jackets | Best Baby Booster Seats | Best Baby Sleepers For Boating | Best Baby Swimsuits For Boating

Baby Toys For Boating | Best Baby Sunglasses | Best Baby Swimming Floats

Wanting to go on a boat trip with your baby or infant and don't know what gear you can get them? Well, you're in the right place.

Ensuring your toddler has the best clothes, life-jackets, sunglasses, sleepers and toys is important to ensure they are happy.

A happy child is a happy parent afterall....

A parent's gear is a lot different to an infants as they are obviously substantially smaller and some of the baby gear is specifically designed with babies in mind.

You should be aware of how to boat with toddlers before ever heading out with your precious cargo.

So what is the best baby gear available? 

Best Baby Life Jackets

This is a very important piece of gear for your infant so it's super important you make a wise decision here. A baby's safety is obviously very important.

Whichever life jacket you choose, make sure to read the sizing guide in detail to ensure it's the perfect fit. Don't glance over this step as it's very important for ensuring your baby's safety.

So let's have a look at the best life jackets for infants.

Stohlquist Coast Guard Approved Life Vest for Infants

toddler life jacket
photo: Stohlquist Waterware

You can check the latest price of this lifejacket on Amazon if it's something you need for your baby.

This life jacket is perfect for infants between 8-30 lbs. it comes in a range of colors and is Coast Guard approved. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Straps are adjustable & don't twist or tangle
  • Double Collar supports infants head in the water
  • Large arm holes help prevent chaffing

Stearns Heads-Up Child Vest

childs life vest
photo: Stearns

Another great option for parent's with babies/children between 30 - 50 lbs is the Stearns heads up childs vest from Amazon.

Just choose the child option for that sizing. It's benefits include: 

  • Wide arm holes help prevent chaffing
  • Built with durable construction to prevent losing efficiency
  • Price friendly

Again, as a reminder, make sure you know your babies weight as you need the perfect fitting life jacket to ensure it works properly.

Best Baby Booster Seats For Boating

The next item your baby will need onboard is a booster seat so they can be part of the fun at the table while eating.

Hiccapop Omniboost Travel Booster Seat with Tray for Baby

baby booster seat on boats
photo: hiccapop

This travel booster seat for babies is the perfect option when out on the boat. You can pick one up from Amazon in 3 different colors.

Be sure to check the sizing before buying to ensure your toddler fits perfectly and comfortably. Some of the benefits include:

  • It's portable and travel friendly
  • Machine washable cover so there doesn't have to be a bad odor onboard your boat.
  • Comfortable safety harness to keep your child secure onboard
  • Safe removable swivel tray

This is a price friendly option and enables your baby to be the center of attention for dinner, something I'm sure your baby would appreciate.

Baby Delight Chair | Outdoor Booster Chair with Sun Canopy

baby boat booster seat
photo: baby delight

You can pick this up from Amazon in multiple colors so there is plenty to choose from.

This booster seat is a great option if there is some space on the deck of the boat. It has a nice canopy to protect against the sun too which is very important.

Benefits include: 

  • portable chairs converts size to 3 child growth stages
  • helps protect your child from sun when out boating
  • 5 point harness keeps your baby secure

This booster is best served for outdoor activity and keeping your baby in the shade from the sun.

Best Baby Sleepers For Boating

Ensuring your infant can sleep is very important for your child and your own sanity. On a boat, things can get rocky so having a sleeper provide good comfort for the toddler is a must.

Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome

best baby sleepers for boating
photo: fisher-price

This is an ideal baby sleeper for boating and can be picked up from Amazon.

Keep your child comfortable and in the shade when taking their nap during the day. Some of the benefits include: 

  • 2 functions in 1 - can act as a play space and a sleeping place
  • comes with 2 toys
  • canopy protects from sun and bug bites

This sleeper will keep your toddler comfortable and secure when sleeping onboard your boat.

Graco Travel Lite Crib

toddler sleeper for boating
Photo: Graco

The next sleeper we chose for best baby boat gear is the Graco Travel Lite Crib which you can get on Amazon.

This is a great lightweight option when you're out at sea with your baby. It is portable and grows with your baby so won't have to constantly upgrade it.

Benefits include: 

  • Portable, height adjustable bassinet
  • can convert to a play yard for your baby whilst onboard
  • weights less than 20 lbs so easy to maneuver

It also comes in three different colors.

Best Boat Toys For Babies

Imagine being out on the water soaking up the views only to have an angry toddler? If anyone has ever gone boating with kids, you can relate to this.

Well, there are simple ways to keep your little ones occupied. With toys of course.

Mayapple Baby Teething Toys

boat toys for babies

You can get these on Amazon in different colors. This are obviously ideal for the parents with babies teething. Although, even babies who are passed that stage have found these to be lots of fun.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

toddler toys for boating
photo: baby einstein

Meet Baby Enstein. This little fella can keep your babies happy and entertained on the boat. Just make sure they can't throw him overboard or you'll have a very unhappy baby.

We speak with experience on this one.  Grab Baby Einstein Now.

Best Baby Swimsuits For Boating

If you have your baby on the deck of the boat especially, it's important to make sure they're dressed appropriately. Ideally, you'll want something that keeps them comfortable, can protect them from the sun and withstand the sea breeze.

Toddler One Piece Zip Sunsuits with Sun Hat

baby swimsuit
photo: upandfast

This swimsuit and sun hat comes in multiple colors and provides your child with OPF 50+ sun protection. It blocks 97.5% of harmful UV radiation. You can get one on Amazon in your favorite color and ideal size.

infant swim suit
photo: vaenait

The VAENAIT BABY Rashguard Swimsuit is the next on the list. This swimsuit comes in multiple patterns, colors and sizes. It is certified UPF 50+ UV protection. Swimshirt with high neck design to protect your childs neck.

Check Out The Price On Amazon

Best Baby Sunglasses

Another important part of your kids boating trip is protecting their little eyes. Luckily, there are options for babies. However, as most of you will know, keeping the sunglasses on your baby can be tricky.

Baby Solo Original Baby Sunglasses

baby boating sunglasses
photo: baby solo

These come in different color, designs and sizes and are prefer for protecting your child's eyes. They provide 100% UV protection.

They come with a strap to help fasten to your kids head without sacrificing comfort. This strap will also help with the toddlers who have other ideas about wearing them.

They come with a case to keep them in and can be purchased on Amazon.

toddler sunglasses
photo: cocosand

Another great option for baby sunglasses are the cocosand brand.

These come in two colors and are suitable for babies and infants 0 - 24 months. The strap helps keep the glasses on your child's head.

Best Baby Swim Float

Swim floats are a great option to allow kids to enjoy the water in a safe manner. However, please be aware that you must have their life jackets on at all times and they must be supervised.

SwimWays Baby Spring Float Center with Canopy

baby swim floats

This Swimways baby swimming float on Amazon is a great option for your toddler. This will give you as parents that added peace of mind when your child is in the water.

This portable swim float enables the child to enjoy the water without the stress of trying to swim.

As an important note, this is NOT a substitute for you the parent. Always follow safety guidelines and protect your children in the water.

Baby Boat Gear Summary

Whether you're bringing your baby on a small boating trip or planning to move onto a yacht, it's always important to ensure you have the best boating gear for toddlers.

It is not expensive and it's worth ensure your babies are comfortable and secure, especially in a dangerous environment like boating/sailing.

Whether it's a pontoon boat, a small motorboat, a yacht or anything in between, always follow safety protocol. With that being said, enjoy your boating trip and hopefully you and your child will have lots of fun.