Lazy Gecko [An Acquired Sailing Community]

Wind! Water! Waves! And a healthy dose of sailing craziness...

That is what you initially think of when you come across the Lazy Gecko sailing community. I know I did!

However, when you look a little deeper, you get to know the people in the community, and understand how they make their lives more fulfilling by going out on the water and having a blast.

The lazy gecko community is about sharing sailing all over the world, and coming together as a result of that.

The community uses videos and pictures to give an account of their sailing adventures: a diary of the fantastic time they have while out in the ocean.

However, Lazy Gecko, like all other sailing clubs upholds powerful tenets that all sailors revere.

This article gives an account of these tenets below:

1)      Tradition

Sailing traditions are vast and varied and have evolved over the years. These are traditions handed down through generations, like a baton, but are not rooted in cement.

Some traditions are ludicrous, while others have a deep meaning and purpose in the sailing community.

One of the most ludicrous traditions, which have been changed, says that bring a woman on board a sailing craft would bringing bad luck.

Well, any Lazy Gecko member will be quick to refute this tradition, given the number of fair damsels who share their boats with men.

The community has women-only crews navigating their boats to some wonderful destinations.

It is not uncommon for the ladies to go a little too far, such as skinny dipping and sunbathing nude on the deck, but having them on board does bring in a lot of fun, which lends credence to the tradition that having a naked woman on board brings good luck.

Most sailing traditions are about the luck they bring upon the boat. Another sailing tradition that is commonly upheld today is that of whistling into the wind. This is said to bring in strong winds which propel the boat faster.

One which is not mentioned a lot is placing a coin under the mast when it is being stepped, while another odd one is the fact that sailors had to wear earrings whenever they set sail.

The earrings tradition has a funny story behind it. Should a ship or boat sink, the gold earring was supposed to be used to pay for a Christian funeral wherever the bodies would wash ashore.

Well, here’s a question for you, would you change the name of your boat? If you are a stickler for tradition, then you should never change the name of your boat. Being a Lazy Gecko member is exhilarating, and you get to know about the traditions of today and the future.

2)      Pride

Ask any boat owners what the pride of their lives is, and the boat would be one of the items at the top of the list. Apart from family, people owning boats are very proud of their acquisition.

The pride of a sailor begins when the boat is bought. Naming the boat brings along the sense of ownership that borders on true love. A boat is part of the family and is treated with the same love and care.

Apart from buying the boat, sailors are proud when they go out to sea, and venture into unknown places. Granted, most of the places people sail to are documented on the map, but there is some pride that comes from conquering the sea, and moving from one shore to another.Imagine crossing the Atlantic all the way to Africa, with nothing more than a compass and the wind, and your guts.

Learning to sail is much more difficult than learning to drive a car. You have to know about how the boat responds to different wind directions, how unpredictable the waves can be, and other facts that many landlubbers are unaware of. It is a great sense of pride when you come from the sea, safely and unharmed.

Conquering the dangers at sea is a great achievement, one which sailors carry with pride.

Members of Lazy Gecko are a proud lot, and you can see it in their video blogs. They talk about the fun they have as well as the challenges they have conquered. Joining a sailing club gives you the opportunity to share such experiences with people from all over the world.

3)      Socializing

Sailors love to socialize, and that holds true for people at Lazy Gecko.

Whenever sailors come together, whether physically or on an online community, there is a lot of socializing that goes around. Sailing clubs all over the world hold events, which are followed by huge parties so everyone can have a great time.

Take a look at some of the most common forms of sailing social events:

Racing – this is very common, where sailors race their boats around a specific route. Sometimes the races can cover vast distances, such as a transcontinental race. Other races are localized to see who can steer the boat to the finish line first.

Parties – after most evens, sailors will throw a huge party to celebrate winners and losers alike. On the other hand,sailors do not need a reason to throw a party. Some of them are planned and others are impromptu.

What does not change is that the partying brings the community closer.

X-rated events – following the tradition of the lucky naked beauty on board, sailors love to skinny dip when in groups.This is something that would baffle most landlubbers, but it is quite common in the sailing community. The group simply chooses a secluded spot to go to, and then go skinny dipping and laying nude under the sun to perfect their tans.

Outreach – Sailing clubs are not closed communities, and events such as sail-ins are very common. This is where members of one sailing club get into their boats and sail to another sailing club to meet new people.

Apart from this, sailing clubs are a great place to find work or workers. Not all sailors have their own boats, and if you're a solo skipper, you can find crew members at such a club. Crew members can also find work on boats.

4)      Solitude

Sailing is also about the magic of solitude. Many sailors say that they come to appreciate the wonders of creation when they are sailing alone.

You have read of stories old about solo sailors who conquered the seas and sailed from one continent to another. Do not forget Laura Dekker, the youngest sailor to go round the world solo.

Going through diaries of solo sailors from sailing club annals, you can understand why such sailors are regarded with awe.

One account really brings out the magic of sailing solo and describes how dark the Bay of Biscay was on that particular night. The sailor felt like a crumb in the vast sea. Where depths ran from 300 meters to more than 5000. Nobody is in sight and all are out of radio range.

Everything is silent apart from the sound of the waves as they wash past the hull. The stars above do not seem to capture any attention as the dolphins, lit by phosphorescence. The sailor is using the stars for navigation, rather than a compass.

Eventually she comes in to port, and the harbor master asks if there is a man on board. You see, everyone is astounded that a woman could sail solo from one continent to another.

This is an abbreviated account of her journey, written in the Guardian.

One can feel the magic of her solo sailing,the challenges she gets from other sailors, especially males, who can hardly believe a woman can sail alone. She even says that she faced more dangers from the men on harbor, than the inherent dangers of the sea.

Lazy Gecko and other sailing clubs give you an opportunity to share some of your solo trips. You may also hear an account that will inspire you to sail be alone against nature – just you and your trusty boat.

5)      Discovery

Sailing allows you to see some of the most fascinating places on the planet. Cities and villages that you would never have known now become part of your life’s adventure. Places that have a lot of undiscovered art and history. Sailing gives you the chance to discover.

History has shown that continents were discovered by sailors. This is perhaps because ships were used for long voyages, given that air travel had not yet been discovered. Were it not airships and sailors, the world would be hundreds of years behind, in terms of development.

Ships and sailors allowed people to discover places, albeit not for all the best reasons at times.

Pirates used ships to discovery places that they could plunder. The slave trade brought a terrible mark on sailors and the people they served. However, adventurers gave sailing a good name by bringing trade from one continent to another.

Tribes and communities grew out of these journeys. One of the most common is the development of Swahili in Africa, which was because of the Arabs and native Africans coming together and forming families.

Sailing clubs are an opportunity for discovery. People can come together and set sail to places they have never been to. Visit islands which can only be accessed through the sea and get to know about how people live when surrounded by water.

Looking at some of the videos posted on Lazy Gecko, you can feel the excitement that sailors get when approaching a dock in a place they have never been to.

If you cannot sail to a dock on another continent, you can still share their experience when you are in a sailing community like Lazy Gecko. Discovery is exciting and sailing is fun – get a healthy dose of both when you join a sailing club.

6)      Adventure

Imagine that you could go to a place, where you did not have to worry about check-ins, no deadlines, no meeting points,no-late night arrivals, no need to go out and search for food, and no cramped public places. This would be the perfect adventure for you.

Well, this is the adventure you get when you set foot upon a sailing boat. Everything is right there and a few paces from you. If you are not savvy with deep-water sailing, you can use the coastline as a guide and have an adventure of traveling up your continent.

Sailing is an adventure in itself. Not many people get to experience the joys of sailing. It is one thing to go on a cruise ship, and it is quite another to get aboard a small boat and take your chances with nature. Big ships will rarely feel the power of the wind or ocean, but a small boat fells every small change. This is the fun you get from sailing your own boat.

Whether you are on a catamaran or amino-hull, the adventure of sailing is one that you will never let up. It can be very addictive.

One woman left her job, and now lives to travel across the world on her boat. Whenever she comes to shore in a new place, it is a whole new adventure for her. She has been to Europe, Africa,America, and still yearns to get to the shores of Asia.

Ask her and she would have tale of one adventure after another to share.

Joining a sailing club will give you access to first-hand stories of adventure from sailors in the club. Listening to them will inspire you to go on a life-altering adventure of your own, which you can later share with members of your club.

In Conclusion

Joining a sailing club gives you an opportunity to meet with some of the most fascinating people on the planet. Sailors are a fun lot and you will always have a nice time with members of your sailing club. If you are joining an online sailing community, you will be able to share stories with other sailors who may be living on the other side of the world.

Lazy Gecko is one such sailing club, which shares videos with members of the club as they have fun and go on adventures all around the world. Get yourself checked into a sailing club and become a member of the sailing family.