The Best Maverick Boats on the Market

Being a fishing buff, you probably have owned quite a number of V-hull poling skiffs. They are great, but they do have some limitations, especially when it comes to fishing in shallow waters – most times they end up scraping the rocks and soil in the shallows.

You need a skiff with a flattened bottom,giving no compromise at all. It should be a boat that you can stealthily handle with a pole and not scare away the fish. The skiff should be great for all forms of shallow-water fishing, including tarponing. It should hold its own when on a whipped up sea, battling rushing currents, and cove a large area on the push pole, maneuvering silently around the laid-out tarpon

Well, this seems like a lot to ask for, but when you look at the best maverick boats, you will realize that they are neatly packaged and designed to meet each of these needs.

So hunker on down and go through this list of the best new maverick boats on the market.

Maverick Boats

The Maverick Mirage 17 HPX-S

types of maverick boats

This is a new maverick boat with a unique hull; the design from top to bottom is such that it fits the form and function of a shallow water fishing boat. For example, the location of the spray rails and chines protect you from spray when you are running the boat, and staying above the water when you are poling; when at rest, they keep the skiff completely silent.

The mirage also has vortex generators aft and mid-ship to disrupt surface tension, thereby making the boat much faster and stable when going at full speed. It also has a higher bow and a tapered design that is suitable for going out to sea and making it very silent when you are stalking some fish.

You may end up thinking that the s in HPX_S stand for “Sneaky” since this is the stealthiest, quietest and advanced poling skiff on the market. It is also a very dry boat, given that other skiffs do not have adequate protection against spray, which wets the whole deck.

Fishing Capability

The layout of the deck was properly thought-out, kudos to the designers!

You boat has a lot of storage space at the front and rear. The storage space at the stern is close to you, and you can access it without having to leave your seat.

The fitting, finishing and wiring on theHPX-S is flawless in design. The HPX-S has plenty of storage designed such that you can easily rack and un-rack your rods. When running the skiff at night, the Livorsi shark eyes offer you better visibility.

Optional features you can customize:

·        Colors – Maverick boats allows you to fully customize the colors of the boat when you place your order

·        Grab rail – this is placed over the console giving  you better stability when walking around the cockpit, or if you have a standing passenger when running the boat at high speed – no falling over into the water.

·        Custom platform – This is are movable platform that you use when casting fishing lines or nets - also great for poling.

·        V Marine Poling platform holder– has a high design quality, is easily removable when fishing off the transom,and does not rattle and scare away the fish.

·        Power Pole Micro Anchor – great for holding the skiff in position when landing fish, rigging or taking pictures of the clear and shallow waters – when you come across beautiful coral bottom.

·        Simrad NSS7 Evo2 GPS – This isa fantastic GPS system for easy mapping via Navionics. It has a great user interface and high image quality.

·        Edson Black Ops steering wheel– This will cost you an extra $500, but it gives you more comfort and control of the boat.

·        Hard mounted cushions –Maverick is offering this new option so you do not have to remove the cushions when you store the boat; especially useful for people who have large storage space.

·        Dry Launch Ameritrail Trailer –You can customize the trailer to fit your specific needs. Make it so that you can keep the hubs dry when launching a retrieving the skiff. The trailer design allows for full customization with limitless options.


The Maverick Mirage 17 HPX-V2

maverick boats

It is difficult to imagine that you can improve on an already advanced skiff design, but the HPX-V2 embodies perfection placed on top of perfection. One of the features that has always been a traditional mark for all Maverick boats, new or used, is their silent, stealthy nature. The HPX-V2 seems to be even quieter than its predecessors. Catch up with your quarry without scaring them off when you use this stealth-skiff.

Running the boat offers a dry run, as it rides the waves crest to crest, unlike other boats that ride through every crease I the water. This skiff seems to select the chop that it needs in order to keep you dry and comfortable.

The Mirage HPX-V2 is also lighter and faster than the previous version; the ride is also softer and drier than the previous 17 series, which were also soft riders (remember, perfection placed on perfection)

The poling dynamics have also been improved. Since the hull is lighter than other 17 series skiff, the HPX-V2 can spin on a dime. You can push it with ease saving your energy for landing the-fish that you are stalking.

Fishing Capability

The maneuverability of these new Maverick boats comes in handy when you are fishing in the shallows.

This has been made possible by removing holes and cheese graters in the hull, which previously created drag towards the stern of the boat. The boat also has an efficient weight distribution system when it comes to the design and placement of storage space.

The front deck has been extended an extra foot providing more space for two people to fish comfortably – no more solo fishing trips, since you can bring your best friend along.

Optional features you can customize:

·        Spray rails – you can have the skiff fitted with bigger and longer spray rails for a completely dry fishing trip.

·        Pro-Trim casting platform – the large deck space at the front of the skiff allows you to place a large Pro-Trim casting platform for landing huge fish.

·        Storage space – the rear hatch can have storage on the sides and a live well in the center.

·        Folding cushion – this enables you to access the storage space without removing the cushion. It neatly folds below the rear bulkhead. You should do away with the removable cushion and keep this permanently fixed, foldable cushion.

·        Customs sea deck – The finishing of the rod gunnels allows you install OEM Maverick carpet or custom sea deck.

·        Rod holders – Do away with the foam rod holders and install plastic rod holders

·        Cockpit lighting – install Led lights for lighting the cockpit when fishing at night.

·        Storage space at the front – go for the larger and deeper storage space at the front, where you can keep a downsized casting bucket or a small cooler for keeping this cold and fresh.

·        Storage space at the rear – you can also customize the storage space at the back to sizes that can accommodate average size Patagonia or Simms tackle bags.

·        Get deep gutters at the back of the boat, as well as better, lighter, smaller aluminum frame poling platform.

·        Customize the live well to store large tournament fish, for weighing at the end of the tournament.


The Maverick Mirage 18 HPX-V

True to the Maverick Boats design tradition, the 18 HPX-V is one of the most advanced Maverick boats to date. Not only is it larger than the previous versions, it also seems to be quieter,despite its larger build. The boat has technical poling capabilities, enabling you to pole silently in both calm and rough waters. You no longer have to go back to shore when the weather becomes rough; the HPX-V can handle anything that you throw at it.

You can run this boat faster and further away from shore, allowing you to catch more fish. Chasing fish is easy with this fast boat, allowing you to catch them once they get exhausted. The skiff comes with w high level of maneuverability allowing you to quickly change direction when the fish do.

The odd thing about this larger skiff is that it rides much higher than most. This allows you to go fishing in shallower waters than other skiffs. Talk about engineering genius from Maverick.

The 18 HPX-V is a boat that surprises experienced and novice anglers due to its outstanding performance. When you get on the boat for the first time, you may expect the normal performance that you are used to. However, you will be pleasantly surprised by the performance of this boat.

Fishing Capability

As mentioned before, the boat is extremely light allowing for easy fishing in shallower waters. The light weight also has the added advantage of maneuverability; you can easily stalk your fish at higher speeds and turn in an instant.

The light functionality allows for easy poling when you are stalking fish. A single push with the pole glides the boat further than the predecessors. This saves you a lot of energy which you can use to land large fish.

The deck has also been expanded further and you can now comfortably seat three anglers. This is great for using the boat as a chartered fishing vessel for those who do not have personal boats.

Optional features you can customize:

·        Color – you can fully customize the colors that you want on your boat upon placing your order.

·        Fuel tank – you can install another 35 gallon fuel cell allowing you to stay on the water longer.

·        Nautical wrapped steering wheel– spend more cash on a steering wheel that will give you a better feel of the boat.

·        Wheel upgrade – you can also opt for the aluminum wheel upgrade for a lighter and stronger wheel.

·        Engine – opt for the YamahaF115 for shallow draft and the Yamaha Pro Series 21 stainless steel propeller.

·        Rod holders – opt for the 3 rack stainless steel holder, instead of plastic or foam rod holders.

·         Push Pole holders – don’t just leave your pole lying around when you can opt to have V-Marine push pole holders installed on the skiff.

·        Push pole – why go for the traditional push pole; you can do much better in shallow waters when using the Blade 8-foot Black Power Pole.

·        Garmin 740 Touch Screen GPS –Install this state-of-the-art GPS system, for optimal mapping. You can easily follow fish with this GPS which offers high resolution imaging.

·        Cooler seat – take care of your boat and install the Gel-Coat Matched Cooler Seat for placing your cooler upon.No damage from a cooler that bumps around especially when you are running the boat at high speed.


Maverick Boats have become very popular for shallow water fishing, due to their advanced capabilities. People are flocking to maverick boats used dealers to get deals on Maverick boats that people have put up for sale when they upgrade to the 18 HPX-V.

Anglers are also running to Maverick boats new dealers so they can catch the new 18 HPX-V before stocks run out.

It’s time that you pushed your fishing endeavors a little notch higher. Go out and get yourself a Maverick Boat and enjoy the best fishing experience of your life.

In conclusion

The name "Maverick Boats" is synonymous with excellent fishing in shallow waters. If you attend shallow water fishing tournaments, you will probably find that most of the boats are Maverick brands. Whether you opt for the 17 HPX-S, 17 HPX-V2 or 18 HPX-V, you will still be ahead of your competition in such tournaments.

The fact that you can customize Maverick boats also adds to the appeal of the brand. You can make it such that it doesnot resemble any other boat on the market. Go out and get the pride and joy of your fishing hobby. Get yourself a new or used Maverick Boat and never look back again.