New York Yacht Clubs [List & Membership Requirements]

Looking for New York Yacht Clubs ? Browse through our compiled list. We provide contact information and associated costs (if any) with each club as well as some general information about each one. 

These clubs can be reserved for more exclusive clientele, i.e. they’re willing to pay more for membership, however, this is not always the case. 

Each yacht club may have other restrictions for joining so be sure to reach out to the particular club in question for any restrictions that may apply. 

There are many great benefits to joining a yacht club in New York  (incase you didn’t already know) but the obvious benefits are the camaraderie, meeting new people and networking abilities. 

You’ll also get: 

  • Cheaper dock fees
  • Reduced fuel prices
  • Reduced drink prices
  • Unlimited access to the clubhouse 
  • Ability to rent these yacht clubs out for events 
  • Frequent social activities
  • Access to other boating related services 

You can find many people with similar interests and many great business ideas have been born in these clubs. 

So let’s dig into the list of these yacht clubs in New York. Please keep in mind that they are in no particular order of preference and we are constantly updating to add in new clubs. 

If you want your club listed, please reach out through our contact form. 

Albany Yacht Club

Address: 75 Broadway, Rensselaer, New York, 12144

Latitude: 42.63712

Longitude: -73.74873

Contact Info: (518) 465- 9228

yacht clubs

This club is one of the oldest yacht clubs in America, originally organized in 1873. It’s clubhouse overlooks the New York capital & the city of Albany. 

The yacht club also boasts a number of amenities for passing boats including: 

  • Cable Tv / Wifi
  • Watersports
  • Showers/ Toilets
  • Boat supply store
  • Diesel/Gasoline
  • Floating Docks/ Gated Security
  • Picnic Area
  • Pump Out
  • Boat Service/Maintenance
  • Medical Facilities & Post Office Close by
  • Shuttle Bus

There’s plenty of facilities available and you are never short of things to do in this club. There is also the ability to rent the clubhouse out for an event.

Another benefit is its proximity to local facilities, examples being 0.7 mile walk to a train station and a 3 minute walk to a grocery store. 

Finally, there are plenty of events hosted throughout the year for you to attend which makes it a great spot to mingle with other members. 

This New York  yacht club can accommodate boats up to 180 feet. Prices will vary for membership depending on your individual circumstances so you can contact the number above for more information on this. 

American Yacht Club

Address: 499 Stuyvesant Avenue Rye, New York, 10580

Latitude: 40°56.448N

Longitude: -73°41.938W

Contact Info: (914)-967-4800

new york yacht clubs

Established in 1883, this is another of America's oldest yacht clubs. I think calling it just a “yacht club” doesn’t do this justice as the facilities and services available make this more like a retreat.

There are plenty of activities to do, including:

  • Sailing Activities (over 100 keel-boats, dinghy available for fun) 
  • Dinner & Bar Options
  • Events Hosted Weekly 
  • Boat races
  • Club Cruises 
  • Prizes For Different Competitions 
  • Racing Groups 
  • Paddle programs
  • Tennis 
  • Swimming 

This really is a prestigious yacht club in New York. To join, you can contact their number and they’ll give you the cost to join and availability. 

The benefits speak for themselves as there are plenty of events going on and the ability to mingle with many others with similar interests. 

Atlantis Yacht Club

Address: 66 River Ave, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

Latitude: 40.33631° N

Longitude: 73.97844° W

Contact Info: (732)-222-9693

boating club

They have updated a lot of their facilities in recent years so there is plenty of  activities to do. 

These include: 

  • Heated Pool 
  • Tennis & Shuffleboard
  • Clubhouse Access 
  • Basketball Court 
  • Children Play Area 
  • Dock With Boats Up To 70 Feet Access + Larger Boats At The End Of The T- Dock

The great thing about this yacht club is it’s proximity to local services/facilities so you’re never short of things to do. 

There’s also plenty of people in the club to mingle with which makes it a popular spot among members. 

Babylon Yacht Club

Address: Babylon Yacht Club, PO Box 614,New York 117021102

Contact Info: (631)-661-2777

usa yacht club

Established in 1903, this yacht club as been around for some time. There is plenty of activities to do for members. 

These include: 

  • Regattas
  • Events including bass tournaments, social get togethers etc. 
  • Snacks
  • Boating Facilities including marina access etc 
  • Club Membership Store 

You need to be sponsored by two club members to get invited into the club so please keep this in mind when applying. 

You can contact them on the phone number provided for more information. 

Baldwin Harbor Yacht Club

Address:L 357 S Main St, Freeport, New York  11520

Latitude:40° 38' 51.0

Longitude: -73° 34' 29.99

Contact: (516) 546- 4501



Established in 1948, this yacht club is currently home to 120 members & families of members. 

Joining the club requires you get sponsorship from one or two current members, and you must attend 3 on water events , by boat, over a 2 year period. 

You’ll meet plenty of like minded people with similar interests to you so it’s a great place to seek membership. 

There are plenty of things to do throughout the year in this club. 


Bay Shore Yacht Club

Address: 20 W Shore Rd, Bay Shore, New York  11706

Latitude:40° 38' 51.0

Longitude: -73° 34' 29.99

Contact Info: (631)- 624 - 9450


They have wonderful facilities for both senior and junior members. There is also a monthly newsletter as part of the club. 

There is plenty to do including: 

  • Regattas
  • Dining & Other Social Events
  • Cruises 
  • Fishing 
  • Swimming

There is also the added benefit of meeting new people with similar interests. 

BellPort Bay Yacht Club

Address: P.O. Box 407, Bellport, New York 11713

Contact info: (631) - 286 - 3226

bellport yacht club

The yacht club has been around since 1906. The mission of the club is to “run numerous social and sailing events.” This is obviously a great club for those that love a social get together as they host many events throughout the year. 

There are many benefits for members including: 

  • Regattas
  • Junior sailing lessons
  • Sailing Competitions 
  • Social Events 
  • Access To Clubhouse Facilities 
  • Ship Store 
  • Other Boat Racing Events 

Simply contact them at the number above for more information if you’d like to join. 

Breakwater Yacht Club

Address:PO Box 2601, 51 Bay Street Sag Harbor, New York, 11963

Contact Info: (631) - 725 - 4604

Throughout the year, there is plenty of activities for members and non members. These include: 

  • Cruises 
  • Fishing 
  • Swimming 
  • Regattas
  • Clubhouse food 
  • Sailing lessons 
  • BBQs

Members also get first access to their boats at an additional fee. 

Brooklyn Yacht Club

Address: 3147 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11235

Contact Info: (917) - 750 - 1881

brooklyn yacht club

They host many events for members including:

  • Valentines Day Party
  • St. Patrick's Day Party
  • Memorial Day BBQ
  • Halloween Parties

They also have other great activities for members including poker, summer parties, tours for children, Members can dock for boats up to 50 feet. Members will have access to a travel lift (hauling up to 35 ft vessel) and dry winter storage options. 

If you need assistance on towing your boat, you can get out this how to tow a boat article. 

Chelsea Yacht Club

Address: 8-22 Front St., PO Box 180 Chelsea-on-Hudson, New York 12512

Contact Info : (845) - 831 - 7245

Established in 1886, membership into this yacht club provides you with plenty of options and activities. Examples include: 

  • Cruising 
  • Racing
  • Fishing 
  • Mentoring 
  • Social Events
  • Youth Sail Programs
  • Discounted service fees (Moorings, etc.)

Just use the contact information provided to call about membership inquiries. 

City Island Yacht Club

Address: 63 Pilot Street, City Island, New York 10464

Contact: (718) 885-2487

city island club

Located just 7 miles from Manhattan, this yacht club has plenty to offer. Members  have access to amenities including: 

  • Dining Room 
  • Professional Staff
  • A Fleet Of Both Power & Sail)
  • Very Active Racing Community 
  • Docking Facilities For Your Boat 

They also host lots of social events throughout the year for the family so it’s a great place to be if you enjoy the company of like minded boating enthusiasts.

Croton Yacht Club

Address:6 Elliot Way, Croton On Hudson, New York, 10520

Contact info: (914) - 271 - 6548

croton yacht club

One of the newer yacht clubs, it was founded in 1957. It can accommodate for boats up to 35 feet. 

Members have access to plenty of facilities and can attend the large amount of events it hosts every year. 


Some types of events they hold include boater education classes, labor day parties, veterans day lunch, Scholarship dinners, etc. 

If you’d like to join, simply contact them and they’ll give you a membership application. 

Dunkirk Yacht Club

Address: Lakeshore Blvd, PO Box 505, Dunkirk, New York 14048

Contact Info: (716) - 366 - 9789

They host many events for members & the public including: 

  • Wednesday Night Events
  • Racing 
  • Fishing 
  • Swimming 
  • Picnics/BBQs
  • Boating Education 

For more information, you can contact them on their number above. 

Echo Bay Yacht Club

Address: 22 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, New York 10801

Contact Info: (914) - 772 - 2119

Membership for this club isn’t as hard to join and they are very welcoming. Some of the facilities members have access to include: 

  • Restaurant 
  • Changing Facilities
  • Dinner Parties, wine tastings, game night & cocktail parties
  • Tender service for moored boats

They also host events on labor day and other important holidays throughout the year. 

Genesee Yacht Club

Address: PO Box 12771, 10 Marina Drive, Rocherster, New York, 14612

Contact info: (585) 255 - 9796

Established in 1934, members to this club can enjoy a host of activities with like minded people. Some of these activities include cruising,racing, social events etc. 

They also have programs for juniors like learning to sail programs, club cruising programs and much more. 

They also host pizza nights which is a great time to bond with like minded people. You can check out their calender for different events they host throughout the year.

New York Yacht Club

Address: 37 West 44th Street, New York, New York 10036 

Contact Info: (212) 382-1000

new york yacht club

One of the most prestigious yacht clubs in the world, the New York yacht club was established in 1844. 

They host very popular regattas & some of their events are televised to millions worldwide. They also offer private functions, dining and other social events. 

The membership is by invitation only so unless you’re a big wig, you most likely will not be able to join.  Some past and present members include JP Morgan & Michael Bloomberg. 

Newport Yacht Club

Address: 110 Long Wharf, Newport, RI, 02840

Contact Info:(401) - 849 - 9060

Joining this club requires you to be sponsored by a current member. You should try to get an invite by one of the current guests to a private dinner. 

The membership gives you access to: 

  • Sailing events 
  • Regattas
  • Cruises
  • Fishing 
  • Swimming 
  • Social events year round

You can contact them with the number above for more information


There are plenty of yacht clubs in New York and the surrounding areas for you to choose from.  Yacht clubs are a great place to mingle and make friends with like minded people. 

It’s also a great place for kids to learn sailing and everything it has to offer. Most of these yacht clubs host events almost weekly (in some cases) so you’ll always have something to do in your free time. 

The price of membership for these clubs will vary drastically and requirements to become a member will also vary drastically so please keep this in mind when you seek to join a particular club. 

Most of the clubs will not mention how much it costs on their website so it’s best to always just call them for this information. You’ll usually have to fill out a membership form or in some instances need to know someone already in the club that can vouch for you.

With that being said, there are a few clubs that are easier to join so that might be your best bet when starting out if you don’t know many people in any of the clubs.