The Top 8 Pathfinder Boats

Every person who has been out on a boat knows the feeling of excitement, freedom and exhilaration that washes over the body and soul. From the roar of the engine, to the whoosh of water running under the boat, the feeling is one that is difficult to put into words; yeah,you guessed it, I am reliving some great moments that I have had on boats along my coastal waters.

Now there are boats that are great for racing, others for cruising and most are preferred for fishing.

Most brands seem to excel in one type or the other; you may find a brand that is known for their fast catamarans, while another is popular for creating the best cruising boats.

That is why it is quite refreshing when you find a brand that excels in many types of boats. Of course, there is a leaning towards fishing, but these boats also give speed and performance to rival the speedy catamarans that you see racing up and down your sandy beaches.

Roll up your sleeves and get to know more about the top 8 Pathfinder Boats.

1)  The Pathfinder 2005 TRS


Extensive flexibility bundled in a practical package

If you love large boats, then you will be excited at the full 20.5 feet of raw flexibility that you get with this boat.This is a boat created to provide endless possibilities with ease – a craft designed to perform properly as a bay boat.

The boat comes with a large cockpit, a high exterior free-board and a dead rise of 16 degree which makes it safe and easy to run and fish in open waters.

There is plenty of storage for your equipment and catch, high casting decks, integrated aft jump seats, a forward entry console,fore and aft coolers are some of the features that come standard with this boat.

The boat also has an F115 engine, packed with enough power to chase down even the feistiest of fish over a large expanse of water.

Features of the Pathfinder 2005 TRS

·        Engine: F115XB

·        Maximum HP: 150 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 51 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 2,420 lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 7 Pax (1,100 lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 16 deg.

·        Beam: 8”1’

·        Length: 20” 5’

·        Price: Starts at $47,722(engine included)

2)  Pathfinder 2200 Tournament-edition (TE)

boats pathfinder

A tournament-ready, equipment-carrying torpedo

Now this is a boat that is specifically designed for its fishing tournament capabilities. You will be looking for equipment and bait to store in its extra-large, 95 gallons of live wells and the tackle/rod storage space.

This boat allows you to store rods in an out-of-the-way position, under the gunwales, giving you extra space on the cockpit. The rods will not be in your way when you are running fish, but will be ready when you catch up with them.

It also has a new deck design which gives more-space to walk around on the gunwales. The elevated decks and enlarged forward space allows for more people to fish at the same time.

You also have one large locker for storing the anchor and another two in-deck castanet lockers; add lockable rod storage boxes and you have a feature-rich tournament fishing boat.

Features of the Pathfinder 2200 TE

·        Engine: VF200

·        Maximum HP: 250hp

·        Fuel Capacity : 55 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 3.075 lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 7 Pax (2,400 lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 16 deg.

·        Beam: 8”6’

·        Length: 22” 2’

·        Price: Starts at $62,037 (engine included)


3)  Pathfinder 2200 TRS

fishing boat

Much more than a 2200

The Pathfinder 2200 TRS come with all the features mentioned in the 2200 and much more. The boat has come with a rod storage placed under the gunwale, and the gunwale also has cup holders. This is now standard and not a customizable feature.

The boat is no longer “just a looker” but is now a “doer” – you can go anywhere and do anything when riding on this boat.

Start the day with a quiet time of fishing in the early morning hours, take you family for an exciting time water-skiing in the afternoon, and then invite friends for a quest relaxed cruise in the twilight hours.

It has a larger deck, seven storage compartments for all equipment and gear and integrated aft seating, making sure there is space for everyone. All activities are performed at speed, confidence and style, thanks to superior Pathfinder engineering and design.

Features of the Pathfinder 2200 TRS

·        Engine: F150XB

·        Maximum HP: 250 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 55 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 2,850lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 7 Pax (1,400lbs.)

·        Deadrise: 15 deg.

·        Beam: 8”6’

·        Length: 22” 1’

·        Price: Starts at $51,159(engine included)

4)  Pathfinder 2300 High Performance Step (HPS)

pathfinder boat

For the best inshore fishing experience

This is the first bay boat to be designed around the super-powerful Yamaha Super High Output (SHO) four-stroke tech. This is a boat that brings a new meaning to owning a top-notch, high performance,true bay boat.

It comes with a stepped hull, bustle transom comprised of a 6” jack-plate which is great for adding running speed and optimizing efficiency.

The boat, as with all new Pathfinder boats,has walk around gunwales, more space in the cockpit and deck and increased space for storing equipment, rods and sitting people.

The result is a torpedo with a light-tackle payload capacity, which gives you more room to do the things you love to do when you are out in the water. Built with vacuum infusion, the boat is lighter,shallower, stronger and faster, making it ideal for bay fishing as well as shallow-water fishing.

Features of the Pathfinder 2300 HPS

·        Engine: VF250LA

·        Maximum HP: 300 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 61 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 3,075 lbs

·        Weight Capacity: 8 Pax (1500 lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 16 deg.

·        Beam: 8”4’

·        Length: 23” 6’

·        Price: Starts at $70,983(engine included)

5)  Pathfinder 2400 TRS


Best performance in over 24-foot bay boats category

Take in the best performance features of the Pathfinder TRS line, add some other handy features and then bring them together; what you get is the all-new Pathfinder 2400 TRS. The boat comes with a deeper cockpit and higher sides for safety when running at high speeds. It also has an added width at the gunwales, giving the impression of added room.

The standard version comes with walk around gunwales, steeped forward deck with integrated aft seats and storage space.

You have a lot of space to store your 9.5’ fishing rods.

The raised consoles comes with an integrated lock glove box, a kick starter, a front access door and a interior tackle tray system – this can be easily removed to access the helm.

The boat is a molding of practicability and comfort. It has all the bells and whistle you need for effective fishing, but also comes with some luxurious, stylish features too. It has blue LED interior lighting all over the boat, including the storage areas. It also has a matching blue fiber optic switch panel which has labeling lying on blue back panels.

You can also get a Weblon T-Top, powder coating and two-toned cushions.

Features of the Pathfinder 2400 TRS

·        Engine: F300

·        Maximum HP: 300 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 73 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 3,300lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 9 Pax (2,000lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 15 deg.

·        Beam: 8”6’

·        Length: 23” 11’

·        Price: Starts at $76,972(engine included)


6)  Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

pathfinder boat

Inshore boat at the front; offshore boat at the rear

Once you get into the Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid, you will instantly feel why it is called a hybrid boat. First of all,you will notice that she has a lot of space for a boat that is still less than 25 feet in length.

You no longer have to pussyfoot your way around when you have other people around. The boat also has a layout that is specially designed to maximum storage space, which also includes an insulated 45 gallon fish box.

In big water conditions, you can easily fish from the security of your cockpit thanks to the added space at the back, aniched aft bulkhead and more height to the free-board.

The 2500 Hybrid is built using vacuum infusion technology, making it strong, yet light. It drafts at only 13.5 inches,runs at speeds up to 60 mph and seems to skim on top of the waves even in the shallows.

Features of the Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid

·        Engine: F300

·        Maximum HP: 350 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 67 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 3,500 lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 9 Pax (2000 lbs.)

·        Deadrise: 16 deg.

·        Beam: 8”6’

·        Length: 24” 9’

·        Price: Starts at $86,661(engine included)

7)  Pathfinder 2600 HPS

best pathfinder boat

Spinning boating all around

Whether you want to start your day fishing in the oyster bays or in the weed lines of your shallow backwaters, the Pathfinder 2600 HPS is able to perform these tasks with ease and efficiency. It is one of the most versatile boats built in its caliber.

It comes with a twin-stepped hull, walk around gunwales and huge casting decks; all designed to improve the fishing performance of the boat. It also comes fitted with rod storage under the gunwale, fore and aft live-wells fitted for tournaments, a very high free-board, an extra-large fish box and a still trolling motor. All these come with the standard version of the boat.

What makes the boat versatile it the fact that it is built using vacuum infusion technology, which makes it light and strong; you can comfortably fish in the big bay waters, or catch special fish in water as shallow as 15 inches.

Features of the Pathfinder 2600 HPS

·        Engine: F300XCA

·        Maximum HP: 400 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 78 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 4,100lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 9 Pax (2,000lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 18 deg.

·        Beam: 8”10’

·        Length: 26” 2’

·        Price: Starts at $94,628(engine included)

8)  Pathfinder 2600 TRS

pathfinder boats

Fish like a champion, Play like a child

Whether you want to start your weekend by winning a fishing tournament in your area, and then go out for a dinner tour in the evening, or hop from one island to another with your friends, you can do this all from the comfort of the new Pathfinder 2600 TRS.

The 2600 TRS is built to give performance,style and comfort in equal measure. You can seat 10 people on cushioned surfaces, including the integrated seating in the aft. All seats have flip backrests for added comfort.

You can also transform the forward deck into a lounge area, with a bow table so you can host dinners while still on the boat.

The cockpit has a deluxe helm and seating for two, fully finished interior and an optional pump out potty as standard features – you may also add an optional ski pole for water skiing.

Features of the Pathfinder 2600 TRS

·        Engine: F300XCA

·        Maximum HP: 400 hp.

·        Fuel Capacity : 70 gals

·        Weight (with engine): 4250 lbs.

·        Weight Capacity: 10 Pax (2300 lbs.)

·        Dead-rise: 18 deg.

·        Beam: 8”10’

·        Length: 26” 2’

·        Price: Starts at $103,666(engine included)


In conclusion

In the past, bay boats were only designed for one purpose only – to go out, run after fish, catch them and then run back home. This meant that people with large families could not get time to go out and have a luxurious, comfortable time to relax.

People used to have two boats – one for fishing in the bay, and another for leisurely cruising.

Pathfinder boats have come in to fill that gap. The boat designs listed above are suited for both fishing and leisure.

Another cool feature is that they are suited for fishing in deep and shallow waters with ease – no need to buy a flat-board for shallow water fishing.

The list of top 8 based Pathfinder boats is based on that top ability for multiple purposes, which sets them apart from any other boat builder.

Pathfinder boats can also be customized to make as many additions as the structure can take. This adds more functionality to the boat for better performance, whether fishing for tournaments, dinner or cruising on the ocean at night.