The Worlds Best Sailing Yachts [The Costs Are Incredible]

Owning a Yacht is a dream come true for many sailors around the world. However, there are standard yachts and then there are the super yachts.

To stoke your ambitions of owning a super-yacht, yachtworld will take you through some of the iconic yachts ever built to date.

State-of-the-art interiors and glitzy exteriors,these are the vessels that make people stop and stare any time they dock or set out to sea.

This is a run-down of the yachts that have turned heads in the sailing world. We shall start with the smallest and end with the biggest and the best.

Put on your sailing caps and prepare to be amazed at these amazing sea-faring vessels.

Sailing Yachts List

1)      The Valquest - (2009)

Price tag: £8,870,000


This is an all-white yacht featuring a sheer white hull and white sails

Designed by the masterful Ed Dubois, it has a low-profile deck house giving it a sleek racing-car atmosphere.

The yacht is fully constructed out of aluminum and has a length of 40.8 meters. The interior is a mahogany and white leather heaven.

She is the creation of Dutch yard Bloemsmavan Breemen, also credited with building the first all-aluminum hull, J-class Yacht – Lionheart.

The yacht comes with a gigantic owner's suite, twin double-cabins and a single twin cabin, capable of taking on nine guests. All these accommodations have full-fledged entertainment centers and en-suite shower facilities.

The yacht has an impressive split-level main saloon. Natural light streams in through large skylights in the saloon,which also features a separate bar and dining room for formal dinner functions.

The deck features a covered area where people can relax and also hold parties.

2)      The Bliss – (2014)

Price tag:£10,830,000

sailing yachts

This marvelous yacht carries red and white sails, and has a sporty demeanor. The yacht was built to serve two purposes –the ability to cruise all around the globe and also participate in yacht races.

She was built by Yachting Development New Zealand,also credited with restoring Bandit, owned by Sir Peter Blake and Refitting Endeavour, America’s J-Class champion.

Bliss was penned by Dubois Navalarchitects, who gave it an extremely sleek exterior.

The saloon is a mix of red, white and black colors, forming luxurious and contemporary features designed by Design Unlimited.

The Bliss is capable of accommodating 10 guests in its 3 cabins along the full 36.8 meters of its length.

3)      The Schooner Shenandoah of Sark – (1902)

Price tag: - £13,680,000


All sailing aficionados are familiar with Shenandoah of Sark, one of the most sought-after and unique yachts in the world.

Built for one of the wealthiest American Bankers of the time, Charles Fahnestock, this three-mast, gaff rigged schooner was supposed to be his retirement vessel.

The yacht embraces elegance, splendor and speed, and was created as a tribute to the vessels of old, which relied on wind-power for propulsion.

In 2009, the Shenandoah of Sark wasrefitted and given a traditional, yet contemporary styling by Gae Aulenti, an Italian architect who is since deceased. The architect is also credited with styling the Bureau Veritas and French Musée d’Orsay.

The Shenandoah of Sark has a luxurious master cabin, three double cabins and two additional Pullmans that can comfortably accommodate 10 people.

The rooms are lined with wood panels and have glass skylights and portholes.  

4)      The Endeavor – (1934)

Price tag: £15,970,000

types of sailboats

When it comes to pure sailing yachts, the Endeavor is probably the most expensive to date. This yacht was often said to be the precursor for the return of the J-Class yacht.

It also had a chance to compete in America’s Cup history, when she challenged for the Auld Mug in 1934.At the time, she was one of the most advanced yachts to be built.

The yacht’s owner, Thomas Sopwith, designed it using some of his aviation design knowledge and passed the design to Camperand Nicholson to build. The rig and winches were fully designed by Thomas who insisted the mast and hull should be made of steel.

The vessel won hearts in the sailing world,although she lost in the America’s Cup challenge. She has a total length of39.56 meters.

Her successive owners did not take good care of her and she was later abandoned in the Solent until Elizabeth Meyer rescued her and bought her in 1984.

She was later restored in 1989, with a complete ship rebuild by Royal Huisman shipyard. In 2010/2011. Yachting Development,New Zealand, did a full refit, adding a new deck structure and layout, rig and sails.

Up to eight guests can be accommodated in the master suite, a twin cabin with bunk beds and two master en suite doubles.

5)      The Marie – (1930)

Price Tag: £25,610,000

sailing yachts

This is a lovely yacht carrying red, black and white sails on a red and black hull. The hull makes this vessel stand out from other yachts which have a single color, predominantly white.

The Marie was built to resemble a pirate ship, complete with canons on the deck. It also has an open-plan gold interior,reminiscent of the Captains suite on most pirate ships.

The vessel has large skylights, which bringing a lot of natural light; top this up with the high-gloss anigre finish and you have a warm and cozy interior.

The Marie is 55 meters long and even house a Steinway baby piano for those who would like to belt out some tunes from the pirate age.

The vessel has special elements such as the private aft owner’s cockpit. It can accommodate 10 guests in four luxurious and spacious cabins.

6)      The Athena – (2004)

Price tag: £41,000,000


This is the fourth largest sailing yacht in the world and is a timeless classic thanks to its majestic and graceful demeanor.

The three-mast schooner is 90 meters in length and has hosted Hollywood stars such as Fisher Stevens, Naomi Watts,Griffin Dunne and Live Schreiber.

The Athena is designed to resemble the Gucci family’s 1927 schooner, the Creole. She was designed through collaboration between Dykstra Naval architects and Pieter Beeldsnijder. She was then built by Royal Huisman Shipyard.

This is a vessel that blends traditional yachting with modern technology. The interior features woods and blue and cream palettes, designed by Rebecca Bradley Interior Design.

A full beam master suite and five spacious and luxurious cabins can accommodate 10 guests.

7)      The Sybaris – (2016)


Price tag: £80,290,000

This is the sixth largest yacht in the world and has a sleek and sculptured demeanor. She is an elegant and impressive vessel by all standards.

She was designed by Perini Navi, alsoc edited with designing the Maltese Falcon, who collaborated with award winning designer, Philippe Briand.

The Sybaris has 3,000 sq. m. of sail, are tractable keel, a captive winch system and two Rondal custom produced carbon masts.

Her interior is absolutely stunning and won the best interior award at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show.

PH Design, based in Miami created a luxurious open-plan living space, made primarily of titanium. The bright metal was used for all fittings, rails and handholds. Formula-1 craftsmen were hired to help with the construction.

The interior also boasts of oak joinery bespoke furniture, and the six cabins can accommodate 12 guests. The owner's suite has two bathrooms, walk-in wardrobe, dressing area, lounge and office.

The Sybaris is 70 meters long and has a broad,protected deck for lounging and holding parties. It also has a 60-foot fly-bridge which offers a stunning view all around.

8)      The Eos – (2006)

Price tag: £116,450,000


The Eos was once the largest private sailing yacht before others took over the title, and w2as built by thelegendary Lürssen shipyard.

It has a length of 92.9 meters and is a Bermuda rigged Schooner. It is owned by the billionaire media baron BarryDiller and his wife, Diane von Fürstenberg, a reputed fashion designer. She was refitted in 2013 after a fire broke out on board.

The interior design is credited to FrançoisCatroux, once hailed as the “Über-Rich’s Favorite Interior Designer” by VanityFair.

The vessel comes with a contemporary, clean interior, made of wood and neutral tone panels.

The Eos is capable of accommodating 16 guests and 12 crew members. It has an aluminum superstructure, teak decks and a displacement aluminum hull.

9)      The Maltese Falcon – (2006)

Price tag: £232,000,000

sailing yachts

This ship has been chartered by Movie actors Hugh Jackman and Tom Hanks, Google co-founder Larry Page and Norwegian production company Fante Film, making it one of the most photographed and popularized yachts in history.

It has a length of 88 meters and was designed by Perini Navi. It sports the ground-breaking Falcon Rig, designed for excellent performance and speed.

It has an automated DynaRig sail plan. The three rotating, self-standing masts hold 15 sails, covering a total 2,400 sq.m. and are controlled from the bridge – no need for direct action by the crew.

There has been a lot of controversy over its categorization, with purists claiming that she is not a true sailing yacht.However, she is a majestic sight to behold.

The original owner of the Maltese Falcon,American capitalist Tom Perkins never told anyone about the true cost of the vessel; he would only say that it was more than £150 million but less than £300 million.

The Maltese Falcon was later acquired by billionaire hedge fund founder and one of the richest women in the world, Elena Ambrosiadou.

She is now available for charter by the rich and famous and accommodates 12 guests at a time. The ship comes with all amenities that make for an unforgettable holiday cruise, including an al fresco cinema,gym, spa, Jacuzzi, and spacious saloon. It is also served by 17 crew members who are at your beck and call 24 hours a day.

10)   Sailing Yacht A – (2015)

Price tag - £430,000,000


This is undoubtedly the best sailing yacht ever built. It is also the largest one in the world today.

Once more purists argue that she is not a pure sailing yacht, since she also has motorized power. However, her size and the fact that she has three gigantic masts make her an impressive quasi-sailing yacht.

Sailing Yacht A stands at an unbelievable 143 meters above the water line and has three of the largest masts ever built on any vessel. The freestanding composite masts also hold a record weight when it comes to the sails and the category 2 wind force that she can withstand.

The masts were a creation of Doyle Sailmakers, Salem Massachusetts, and the tallest 100 meter mast has a room inside it.

Sailing Yacht A was built for Russian coal and fertilizer magnate, Andrey Melnichenko, and was designed by Frenchman Philippe Starck. Starck also designed yet another super yacht for Melnichenko, the Motor-yacht A. He is also credited with deigning the super yacht Venus for Steve Jobs.

It has a hybrid diesel-electric engines and impressive contemporary navigation system.

Sailing Yacht A is said to have 8 decks, although the interior design is a closely kept secret.

There has been a lot of interest surrounding the 93 sq. ft. curved glass observation pod build into the hull,where visitors can see below the ocean’s surface.

The Nobiskrug’s shipyard at Kiel, Germany is credited with building this amazing engineering wonder, and has a lot of teak in the interior design. It has a steel hull and superstructure too.High-tech composite fashion plates have also been used in some parts in order to bring down the overall weight of this super yacht.

In conclusion

The Sailing Yacht A is currently the World’s best sailing yacht, but you have now seen how these creations have evolved over time. There has always been a need to build larger yachts with more features, but putting it all together requires a lot of genius. That is why we credit the designers and builders giving them kudos for a job well done.

If you have never seen any of these huge yachts, then you will be amazed when you do. Some of them are so huge that you would probably call them cruise ships and not yachts.  

Now that you've seen some of the greatest yachts in the world, have a look at the best places to sail. You'll obviously need somewhere to take your boat.

If you have any dreams of owning a great yacht one day, you now have an inkling of the standards that you will have to meet. Happy sailing to you all.