Best Sailing Schools In Chicago

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Below is a directory of the best sailing schools in Chicago where you can learn how to sail through a wide array of sailing courses. These schools will teach you everything from beginning to advanced sailing lessons through their classes.

Some of these schools even offer online classes for the basic sailing theory part of sailing ensuring you are best equipped in being able to sail the most popular sailboats.

You can even learn how to get a job as a sailor with some of these schools too.

They also provide sailing education with:

  • Pre Sail Orientation
  • Advanced sailing classes
  • Navigational exercises
  • Performance Sailing Certification
  • Fleet coaching
  • Skipper certification
  • Skipper techniques
  • Boat Safety

You'll have a great sailing experience as all these schools have qualified sailing coaches. Whether you want skipper training, harbor sailing lessons or an online boating safety course, there is a premier sailing school providing education on each listed below.

It's important to find the ideal sailing program for your specific needs. You can get both children and an adult sailing program so there are options for both young and old to eventually become a licensed captain

Plus, these schools will ensure you get the right sailing skills needed to hit the waters of Chicago on your next sailing charter or wherever you plan on taking your sailing ship.

They are also properly accredited and certified providers of marine education. Right, here are the list of sailing schools in Chicago and don't worry about your first educational sail, we all have to start somewhere!

When you are finished with the lessons, you'll become a competent and confident sailor and you'll be able to enjoy the perfect sailing experience with friends, family and fellow sailors.

Instead of our editors going through and finding the best sailing school in Chicago, we decided to leave it up to the community to vote.

And the winner will be decided at the end of the year.

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