How Much Does It Cost To
Rent A Boat For A Day?

The cost to rent a boat per day will vary from $350 on the low end to $30,000+ for super yachts on the high end.These prices are not set in stone and can vary massively.

Boat size/make,location and availability are the major causes for price differences.

Below, we'll have a look at some boat and yacht rentals to give you idea of what you can get.

One pro tip is to never rent per hour as this will generally work out as the most expensive option. It's usually cheaper to rent per day or per week. (in most cases, there are exceptions)

As mentioned above, location plays a role in the price of rentals. Miami for example is one of the most expensive places in America to charter any boat.

This doesn't mean you can't find bargains though. Some of the pontoon boats or fishing boat rentals can be cheaper. Heck, if you have a birthday coming up or know someone celebrating, you can sometimes grab birthday party boat rentals for good prices too.

Right, let's look at some different boats and their prices.

We'll divide it up into the follow:

  • Boats to rent for under $1,000 per day
  • Boats/Yacht charter over $1k per day
  • Boat/Yacht rentals over $5k per day

If you'd like to find the current list of boat rentals around the country, you can check out check out the charters and see what you'd prefer with prices included.

Message the owner of the boat you want to charter or book instantly (like you would with a hotel)

Okay, let's dig into some boats  around America. We'll go through different boat types from sailboats, pontoons, yachts and everything in between.

We'll also look at the fees associated with each to give you an idea of the costs.

Daily Boat Rentals Under $1,000

boating on the water costs

Located in Miami, this boat is capable of holding up to 6 passengers. You can currently rent it for $800 per day. This price includes a captain. Pretty nice and you could explore the waters/beaches and lots of beautiful areas around the Miami coast line.

You don't even have to worry about being able to operate the boat as it comes with captain so you can literally sit back, relax and soak up the amazing surroundings.

Next up is an awesome yacht you can charter in New York.

renting a boat cost

Capable of holding up to 6 passengers, this 47 ft yacht would be great to explore the New York coast line and skyline. With two rooms, a shower, kitchen and toilet on board, you could even charter this for a couple of days.

For those looking to accommodate for more people and party on a boat, there are lots of options too. Let's have a look.

water sport boat rental fees per day

Situated in Lake Tahoe, this pontoon boat is capable of carrying up to 12 people. With built in speakers, you can enjoy a day on the lake with the music blaring and the sun shining.

If you're on a budget, you could pool your money together among your friends. This will work out at less than $100 per person which definitely isn't too bad to enjoy the waters on a party boat.

Boat/Yacht Rentals Over $1,000

If you are willing to spend more on chartering a yacht/sailboat or any boating vehicle, you have plenty of options, some of which are truly amazing and some boats are even better than houses.

Have a look at Miami Yachts to charter. It'll give you an idea of renting costs in that location.

Let's take a look at what you can rent between the $1k- $5k range.

cost for boating in a day

Located in Hawaii, this is an awesome boat you can rent at $1780 per day. If you have a particular love for fishing, this is well equipped with all you need to enjoy the blue ocean water.

Capable of carrying up to 6 people. there's plenty room for you and friends to have fun. This boat also comes with a captain so you don't have to worry about operating it.

Next up is a wonderful boat in Sacramento, California. The price to rent this boat is $2,100 per day.

boating on the water lease prices

Capable of carrying up to 6 passengers and sleeping 3 people, this is another luxurious option for those willing to spend more on boat rentals. This 44 foot yacht has all the fittings of a modern day home making it an awesome boat to explore on.

Last in this price range is an amazing sailboat located in New York.

renting a sailboat price

This 45ft yacht rental can carry up to 12 people comfortably and sleeps 10.

Boat Charter over $5000 per day

These are the high end boats available for charter all around America.

boating rental cost

Located in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida, this is what over $7k per day will get you. A luxury boat capable of holding up to 6 people, you can have an amazing time cruising the waters of Florida.

If you book for a couple of days, you can do a deal with the boat owner to save money.

Next up in the high end is your very own 100ft mega yacht in Seattle.

yacht rental cost

This super boat will cost you $14,000 per day. It has 6 rooms and is a popular option for corporate events. You can also get special overnight rates.

This is like having a cruise ship to yourself, albeit on a smaller scale. But still, who wouldn't enjoy a few days aboard this beautiful boat?

Finally, in wrapping up. the fee you will pay to rent a boat for a day will vary. As you can see from the sample of boats listed above, there really are lot's of options out there when chartering a yacht or simply renting a standard boat for fishing or cruising.

In some areas, you'll even find boats for under $500 per day to rent (especially pontoon boats) or party boats. These tend to be the most popular boats so you'll want to book them sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.

One final tip: If you want to reduce the prices of leasing boat, you might have luck by calling your local marina. Marinas will sometimes have boat owners willing to charter their boats at a reduced rate.

You might not be successful but there is no harm in trying if it saves you a few hundred dollars.

Finally, you can use our party boat rentals near you page to find boats for partying onboard in your local area! You'll also find more specific pricing and fees.

Either way, if you decide to rent a boat or charter a sailboat, enjoy the waters and feel free to send us photos of your adventures for us to share with the community.

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