Hanse 388 Review

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In this article, we are going to look at the Hanse 388 boat. We'll look through it's price, design, interior, exterior and where you can buy them if it's a vessel you're interested in owning.

This 38 ft yacht launched in 2017 so it's relatively new to the market being only a few years old.

The Hanse 388 made it into our best sailboats under 40 ft (as voted by our community) so it is a great boat for both avid sailing/boating lovers and people who would consider living onboard.

For you extreme data nerds, we also look at the spec sheet so you know all the different specifications of this boat. As a word of caution. if you are every looking to own this boat (or any boat for that matter), make sure the boat is in good condition.

As the Hanse 388 was launched in 2017, there aren't many used ones available as the boat has only been out a few years.

Hanse 388 Video Walkthrough

Before we get into everything about this boat, you can look at a video walk-through from Boattube of the Hans 388 below from the Cannes Yachting Festival.

This will give you a good idea of how things look.

It's a stunning boat isn't it? 

Now, imagine the fun you could have on the open seas on this yacht.


hanse 388 price
Pricing Table

As the Hanse 388 only launched in 2017, there aren't many discounted used boats on the market to buy. Typically, you'll find new boats (2019+) cost upwards of $190,000.

This will obviously vary depending on the spec and features the specific boat has. A used Hanse 388 will cost between $130,000 - $180,000. Again, this too will also vary depending on factors like condition, features and spec list etc.

Spec List

hanse 388 spec list
photo: hansyachts.hr

You can take a look at the spec list above. Alternatively, take a look at the full spec list below.

For anyone that loves boat stats, you can dig into the ones above and get every little detail of the Hanse 388. It's a spacious boat with plenty of features for you to enjoy.

As you can see from the images and video above, the Hanse 388 interior is excellently crafted and of a beautiful design. The interior comes with lots of features you'd expect to find in a modern boat like: 

You can also get added optional packages too. These range from: 

  1. Entertainment Package
  2. Comfort Package
  3. Performance Package
  4. Cruising Package
  5. Navigational Package

With each of these packages, there are additional features added.

The Entertainment Package

The Comfort Package

The Performance Package

The Cruising Package

The Navigational Package


Now, let's have a look at a standard exterior.

The exterior is beautifully designed and the boat is an eye catching beauty on the water.

Some of the exterior features include:


The package you choose will determine the electronics that will come with this boat Some of the awesome features include: 

Obviously, this will vary depending on the exact year and spec of the Hanse 388 you're interested in.

Where To Buy

So the most important question is where can you buy these boats?

Well, there are a number of options. You can search on Boat Trader, Yachtworld, or a simple google search for Hanse 388's for sale will suffice.

Just keep in mind that there aren't many used versions for sale considering it only launched a few years ago. You can see the screenshot below of these boats for sale on Yachtsworld.com

(Please be aware, these are the prices at the time of publication, 2020)

hanse 388 for sale

There are other options you can do to get your hands on this vessel. Simply contact your local marina and ask them if they can put you in contact with a boat owner looking to sell.

You can hire a broker (can be annoying as they'll take a nice commission)  or you can simply go directly to the source, i.e. the manufacturer and make inquiries there.

You can find them at hanseyachts.hr

The benefit with doing that is you'll get the best they have to offer and you may get some form of warranty or quality assurances you might not get when buying from a private boat owner.

One other thing to note if you go down the path of buying a Hanse 388 from a private owner is to ensure it's in proper condition. Seems obvious but people forget to check the most basic of things.

You can use our free downloadable checklist as a guide when buying a used boat. It will help you remember where to check on the boat when assessing it's condition.

In Summary

With the wide variety of different packages this boat has to offer, you will not be short of features or any of the creature comforts a modern boat has to offer.

Whether it's a family day on the water or a full on live-aboard you're looking for, the Hanse 388 is a serious option for those with the budget for it.

Some of our members love this vessel and it's beautiful design. Looking at it up close, it's hard to argue with them. So if you end up buying your own, make sure and send us some photos as we'd love to share it with our marine community.

Written by Paul