Najad 355 Review

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In this article, we look at the Najad 355 in all it's glory. We'll see the price, interior, exterior and general features of this boat and what it has to offer.

Afterall, it made our community voted list of being one of the best sailboats to live on

This vessel is great for the long haul boating trips with friends and/or family. You can choose from multiple package options from the entertainment package to the performance package and everything in between.

Being on the market a while, there are plenty of used boats you can choose from. While it isn't the cheapest option, it's still a boat worth considering if you enjoy a weekend boat trip or if you are looking for a vessel to live aboard.

So let's take a look at everything this vessel has to offer.

First we'll go through a simple video (for those that prefer a more detailed look.

Najad 355 Video Walkthrough

Here's a video from ApolloDuck showing one of these boats up close and personal. You can check it out before reading the rest of the article.

It'll give you the best view of the vessel and show you all the little details and features it has to offer. (Just keep in mind that each Najad 355 is different and it'll very much depend on what package you choose)

Who wouldn't enjoy a nice boat trip or a relaxing cruise on this? 

Next up, we'll look at an important thing, the price.

Najad Pricing

pricing table

Whether you're a casual sailor or a massive sailing enthusiast that loves all things marine, you'll know the price of these boats aren't always good.

This is no exception. You'll pick up one of these vessel in the range of $170,000 to $210,000. However, there are some boat owners selling outside that range so you might find a deal somewhere in the world.

Obviously, this boat isn't for people on a budget but for those willing to spend a little more, it's definitely something to consider.

Generally (as is the case with all boats for sale) you can find cheaper ones that need a little work. However, if you aren't good fixing things or just don't know what you're doing, it's always better to just buy a vessel in good condition to avoid any headaches.

As many boat owners will know, many many problems can creep up over time and the money you thought you saved won't be beneficial when you see the repair bill on some of these.

Spec Sheet

najad 355 spec sheet

Next up is the specification sheet. Now, this will depend on the exact boat you choose as these Najad 355 boats come in different packages as we mentioned above.

In general, the specifications and features of these boats look like:

If you enjoy reading every little measurement, those numbers above should excite you.

As you can see., the interior is of great quality and there is plenty of space with many features like:

  1. Kitchen (fridge, freezer, oven/cooker)
  2. Cabinets
  3. Dining Table
  4. Sink
  5. Toilet
  6. Shower
  7. Beds
  8. Cabins
  9. Lighting & Electrical outlets
  10. Electronics (TV, Stereo, Batteries etc.)
  11. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  12. Under-Berth Storage Space
  13. LED cabin lighting
  14. Electric windlass

So there is plenty to keep any boat owner occupied and comfortable.


Now, let's have a look at a standard exterior.

The exterior is beautifully designed and the boat is an eye catching beauty on the water.

Some of the exterior features include:

The newer boats come with even more features as standard too so keep that in mind if buying a Najad 355.


The Najad 355 comes with plenty of electronics you'd expect to find on a vessel of this price.

Domestic system voltage is 12V. Electric power is generated by a 115 A alternator linked to the main engine, or via the shore power connected battery charger that is standard.

Standard AGM batteries with a total domestic capacity of 240 Ah, and a separate AGM start battery with a capacity of 75 Ah. All the fuses in the panel are of the semi-automatic circuit breaker type.

The tank monitors are programmed to the shape of each tank and display readings digitally in either liters/gallons or percent.The scope of the electrical system varies with the equipment specified on board.

Obviously, there'll be added or reduced electronic features depending on the spec you buy your Najad 355 in.

Where To Buy

So where can you actually buy a Najad 355? 

Well, you have a number of options to choose from. The most popular are Yachtworld, Boat Trader, and The  Yacht Market

Here's a look at some available boats for sale (at the time of publication)

Alternatively, you can contact your local marina as they may be able to put you in contact with a Najad boat owner looking to sell.

Other options include a simple google search or contacting a broker to source one for you. (Just keep in mind that broker fees can be expensive) 

One more reliable option is contacting the actual brand itself through The benefit here is you'll get the best of the best on what's for sale and you'll have to added piece of mind that it's of a high standard.

Finally, if you do plan on buying a used Najad 355 (or any boat for that matter), you can check out our boat buying checklist (free download) to bring with you when assessing the vessel in question.

In Summary

Whether you want to enjoy long trips or just simple cruising, this is a boat to consider for sure. After all, our community voted for it.

Even the base model Najad 355 comes with a plentiful supply of features and goodies you'd expect to find in newer boats.

While it isn't for all budgets, it can be a wonderful option for those looking to spend a little more on a boat. And if you dream of living onboard your boat, this might not be a bad option to do just that! 

Just be smart in what you buy and make sure everything is working fine before parting with your money.

Written by Paul