Birthday Party Boat Rentals

So you or your friends birthday is fast approaching and you want the best party of all. Yes, we get it, there are lots of options for places to host it but how many people host their parties on a boat? 

We'd guess not many....

So we've compiled a list of where to find birthday party boat rentals and how to charter a boat or yacht of your choice. Oh and by the way, not all rentals cost huge prices but there are some incredible options available depending on budget and location.

One thing is certain, you'll have a memorable birthday experience aboard a boat! 

Whether you want to hire your own boat for a private booze cruise,  water sports near a beach or would prefer private dinner parties out at sea, we'll show you some options.

Just don't forget that your specific charter options will depend on your location. It is tough to find a super yacht in a desert for example.

Okay, you get the point....

The main question probably on your mind is what will this cost? We'll show you where to find cheaper boat hires and more expensive luxury boats/yachts you can host at different types of birthday events.

Right, let's dig into it.

If you want to skip to a particular section:

How to charter yacht for your birthday

It's actually very simple to charter a yacht. You don't need any special license as the majority of these boats will come with a captain. There are a number of places you can find boats to rent.

birthday boat rentals
Click the image to search for a boat in your location*

Simply click on the image above and you'll be taken to a search page to find the perfect boat for you based on your own location and requirements. You can see some example boats below (in the prices section)

*There are thousands of options available but we picked just a few to give you an idea.

If you look through all the boats, you might find the ideal one that is perfect for your birthday. You can also filter your search for a yacht to specific activities e.g. fishing, water-sports, celebrations, cruises etc. thus finding a more tailor made boat for your own needs.

With over 600 locations, the majority of America and Europe are covered and the list of boats are growing.

Alternatively, you can view our party boat rentals near me page to see more of what's on offer.

party boat rental miami floriida
$500 per day

24" Bentley Pontoon Boat

  • Holds Up To 12 passengers
  • Cooler
  • Grill
  • Stereo
  • $300 for a half day

Birthday Party Boat Rental Prices

Whether you want to charter a boat or yacht for a private cruise or simple booze cruises, prices will vary quite a lot. Typically, factors such as location, time of year and value of the boat or yacht will have a massive bearing on price.

If you want a more bespoke pricing option, you can go to the birthday party boats near me and follow the instructions. It will bring you to a page full of boats in your nearby marina/beach you can rent.

Let's take a a look at the different packages and give example prices. Below is a perfect option for people living in Miami. This is your standard booze cruise party boat.

Have a look at the boat above.

Capable of holding up to 12 people, these boats are awesome for those that enjoy birthday celebrations in a large group with the music pumping, booze flowing and gorgeous beaches around, not to mention the awesome water for swimming. (Don't mix alcohol and swimming though, it's a bad mix)

The cost for this particular boat is $500 per day which isn't bad if you divide it up among friends.

Pro tip: Don't ask the birthday person for a cut and if you are the birthday person reading this, get your friends to pay.

Okay, jokes aside... this is one of many many options. Let's look at some more boats you can charter.

party boat rental miami floriida
$3200 per day

Ferretti Flybridge

  • 12 passengers
  • 3 rooms
  • Stereo
  • Shower
  • Wakeboarding
  • $1,750 for half day

Another option is this wonderful boat with a more premium price. Enjoy a beautiful cruise aboard and have the best birthday party you can imagine!

With multiple rooms and plenty of space, you can relax in the sun or enjoy water sports wherever you want along the Miami coast.

Having exclusive access to these boats really make it a stand out birthday. These options are just a taste of what you can charter. Again, your boat options will depend on the location but there are over 10,000 + boats to rent across America & Europe.

Depending on size of boat and location, you'll find boats for $300 - $10k per day. There is generally something for everyone.

Whether you want to cruise on a boat or yacht off the coast of some beautiful beach or host your birthday event aboard an exclusive luxury yacht. there are rentals you can get on a budget or on the high end.