Boat Rental Stone Harbor, NJ

Looking to rent a boat in Stone Harbor, New Jersey?

We've curated a list of boats you can rent in and around the Stone Harbor area. Simply click more info on the boat you are interested in to look at more photos, message the owner or check availability.

Booking a boat is as simple as picking your preferred date and filling in the details. then arrive on the day and hit the waters!

There are plenty of boat rental options for you to enjoy on the seawater at different prices.

You'll notice throughout the list of charters that some boats come with captains while others do not. If you like a specific boat and would maybe prefer a captain as well, message the owner as some might be willing to offer this as an extra service (even if not advertised) 

This won't always be the case but some may be willing so there is no harm in messaging them directly.

If you decide to hire a boat, we've also created a guide on places to explore around Stone Harbor and it's surrounding area.


Boat Rentals Near Stone Harbor, New Jersey

stone harbor nj boat rentals
$1125 per day

Crownline Boats 240 EX (2005)

  • 6 passengers
  • 25 ft
  • With Captain
  • $590 per half day

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rent a boat stone harbor
$500 per day

Boston Whaler 170 Super Sport (2017)

  • Holds Up To 6 passengers
  • 17 ft
  • No Captain
  • $250 per half day

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new jersey boat rentals
$650 per day

Pioneer Boats 222 SportFish (2016)

  • Holds Up To 9 passengers
  • 22 ft
  • No Captain
  • $500 per half day

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flordia yacht charters
$800 per day

Shamrock Boats Grand Slam 24 (1994)

  • 6 passengers
  • 24 ft
  • With Captain
  • $450 per half day

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sailboat rental stone harbor nj
$900 per day

Pacific Seacraft Pacific Seacraft 37 (2000)

  • 6 passengers
  • 37 ft.
  • With Captain
  • $450 per half day

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fishing boat rental stone harbor
$900 per day

Shamrock Boats 259 Cuddy Cabin (1985)

  • 6 passengers
  • 26 ft
  • With Captain

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new jersey boat charters
$450 per day

Hydrasports Boats 2250 CC (1998)

  • 6 passengers
  • 22 ft
  • No Captain
  • $350 per half day

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Places To Explore Near Stone Harbor

When you rent a boat in stone harbor, there are some amazing spots to explore and things to do on the waters. Let's outline these so you can build your itinerary when you decide to charter a boat and explore.

These areas can be especially fun if you have children and the they are kid friendly spots.

Seven Mile Beach

Severn Miles Beach is a beautiful quiet beach to cruise around and admire the coast line.This is highly rated, clean and a children friendly spot for you to explore on your boating adventures.

The Wetlands Institute

Another wonderful spot, especially for children, is the Wetlands Institute. This is a nature center featuring an aquarium and exhibits on local marine life.

They also host educational programs for all ages to brush up on the local marine knowledge.

Located in Stone Harbor, this can be a wonderful addition to your activities on the day of the boat rental!

Stone Harbor Point

A very peaceful and quiet spot, you can enjoy bird watching, walking trials and explore the grassy dunes and marshlands.

Things To Do In Stone Harbor With A Boat

So besides exploring the above beaches and aquariums. what else can you do when you rent a boat here? Well, the most popular is fishing.

Stone Harbor Deep Sea Fishing

For all the fishing lovers out there, you can enjoy a day deep sea fishing. One of the obvious benefits of having a boat is you can do this in peace and quiet with few disturbances.

There is a vast and rich array of different types of fish including:

  • Marlin
  • Crabs
  • Oysters
  • Weakfish
  • Sea Bass
  • Blue Fish
  • Black Drum
  • Mussels

Stone Harbor Swimming

Obviously, by boat you have the option to enjoy a nice swim. However, please keep in mind that this can be extremely dangerous without the supervision of a professional.

It's much better to swim on a nearby beach when there are local lifeguards nearby to help you.

Island Water Sports

This is a popular spot to do all things water sports. Instead of lying on a beach, maybe you'd prefer to do something more adventurous like water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving etc.

The best thing about a boat is you can pretty much do them all. Again, as we mentioned with the swimming, it's best to do this in a safer area and with a group of people.

That way if something goes wrong, there'll be someone there to assist you.

Your best bet for water skiing is finding a boat that can move fast like a speed boat. The majority of the rentals list will tell you what kind of horse power and speed they can do. (when you click more info)


Most important is to have lots of fun with the boat you decide the rent. There is different price ranges so there should be a boat in most peoples price range.

One final tip is during the quieter times of the year, the boat owner might be more willing to give a discount. This might not be the case but there is no harm in asking them if/when you message them.

Have a wonderful time and feel free to share photos with us of your trip in Stone Island, we'd love to share them with our community.

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