How To Restore Faded
Vinyl Boat Seats

Paul Luisi
by Paul

Regular use of vinyl boat seats coupled with the harsh marine environment means the vinyl color fades over time.

Brightening up the vinyl will have the seats looking like new.

To restore faded vinyl boat seats:

Using a marine vinyl restorer paint that matches the color of your boat seats will help restore the seats.

It will also add a shine and gloss to the vinyl seating, making them look new.

1. Vacuum Loose Dirt Up From Boat Seats

Get a vacuum and use it to remove loose dirt. Using a vacuum will:

  • Remove the loose dirt in the seams: A vacuum will be able to suck up the trapped dirt in the seams of the vinyl seats.
  • Ensure the vinyl is prepared for the paint restorer: Vacuuming will ensure the boat seats do not have any dirt which could be a problem when using the paint restorer.
  • Remove hard to reach dirt and dust: A vacuum can remove dirt in harder to reach areas within the seats that ordinarily might not be reachable.
Use a vacuum to remove loose dirt trapped in the seams of the vinyl seats. This will ensure all dust and dirt build up is completely removed.

2.Wash The Boat Vinyl Seats 

Use warm water, a sponge and some marine grade vinyl cleaner to scrub the seats.

Washing the vinyl seats will: 

  • Remove any trapped dirt or deep stains: Washing the vinyl seats will loosen and remove dirt and stains. Do this before applying the paint restorer.
  • Prepare seats for applying the vinyl paint restorer: Washing the seats first will prepare for the paint restorer product. The seats will need to be spotless before applying the product in the later steps.
  • Uncover any additional color fading: Washing the seats first will remove dirt and uncover any additional color fading spots that may have otherwise been unseen.
Use warm water, a sponge and soap to wash the vinyl seats. This removes any dirt and stains before using the paint restorer.

3. Dry Off The Vinyl Seats

Use a towel or microfiber cloth to dry off the washed vinyl boat seats.

Drying the seats will:

  • Remove any remaining stains and dirt: Drying the seats will remove any remaining stubborn dirt or deep stains.
  • Remove any extra oily substances: Drying the seats will remove any oily substances like sunblock that sticks to these seats.
  • Prepare the seats for the restorer paint: Drying the vinyl will prepare the seats from using the paint restorer. Drying ensures there is no trapped dirt remaining.
Dry off the vinyl boat seats with a towel or microfiber cloth. This will remove any remaining dirt.

4. Spray Marine Vinyl Paint Restorer Onto Seats

Choose a marine vinyl paint restorer product that matches the color of your own vinyl seats.

Then spray it onto the faded area of the seats.

Spraying marine vinyl paint spray onto the seats will: 

  • Fix discoloration of the vinyl: The paint spray will add a new fresh color to the boat seats.
  • Add an extra layer of protection: Spraying vinyl paint restorer onto the seats adds an extra layer of UV protection which will help prevent sun damage and vinyl cracking.
  • Add a glossy shine to the vinyl seats: Spraying vinyl paint restorer onto the seats will add a shine and gloss finish. This helps restore the faded color and helps brighten the seats up.
Spray a vinyl paint restorer onto the faded areas of the boat seats. This will restore color and have it looking new.

5. Softly Wipe Seats With Cloth

Softly wipe the marine vinyl paint restorer product evenly across the seats.

Softly wiping the vinyl seats with the paint restorer product will: 

  • Ensure the spray covers the seats evenly: Wiping the spray across the entire vinyl seats ensures there isn't any color patches or missed areas.
  • UV protection across entire seat surface: Wiping the seats with the spray ensures the UV protective components in the spray are even disturbed across the seats.
  • No area is missed: Simply wiping the spray over the vinyl seats will help ensure no area is missed. Missed areas means a patchy finish.
Once the paint restorer is applied to the boat seats, softly wipe the seats with a cloth to spread the paint restorer evenly over the vinyl.

Products Needed To Restore Faded Vinyl Seats

To restore faded vinyl seats, the products needed are:

  • Bucket of warm warm
  • Vacuum
  • Sponge
  • Towel or cloth
  • Marine vinyl paint restorer
  • Boat vinyl cleaning soap

These products are everything needed to complete a full restoration of the faded vinyl seats.

Some of the top boat vinyl cleaners include the brands 3M and SEM.

These brands can help brighten up the vinyl seats.

Ensure you have the right vinyl paint restorer color to match your boat seats. Get a sponge and some vinyl cleaner to wash the seats before applying the spray.


Restoring the faded vinyl boat seats can be achieved with some vinyl paint restorer.

Make sure the right color is got so it matches the color of your boat seats.

Make sure all dirt and stains has been removed before applying the restorer spray.