Top 9 Best Sailing Helmets

As boats get faster, you'll need a sailing helmet that works great on the water and protects you from any problems. Protecting one of the most important parts of your body while out sailing is very important. 

There are a lot of helmets for water sports on the market today and choosing a great one isn't always easy. We've compiled a list of the best sailing helmets as voted for by our own community.

These sailing helmets listed are in no particular order of preference as they all do what they're required to, protect your head! You might be wondering, is it necessary to even wear a helmet? Well, we recommend it is better to be safe and cautious. Concussions are a real problem in modern sailing, especially high performance sailing. 

As mentioned above,  it is a fact that boats are getting faster so it’s smart to think about your safety when sailing. How many times has someone gotten hit by the boom when out on a dinghy? Head injuries are very dangerous so anything that can limit an injury is worth getting. 

So what are the options available to sailors today? We’ll divide it up as follows to make it easier to choose: 

These helmets were judged based on the material used to make them, their protection capabilities, their price, their comfort and their style. You can also attach a camera to these helmets too! Right, you should have an idea of a top helmet for sailing after this so let’s get started.

* As an important disclaimer: No helmet will protect you from all injuries so please keep this in mind on your next boating trip

Best Sailing Helmet for Adults 

The helmets listed are unisex. They are perfect for both men and women. 

#1 Tontron Whitewater Adult Helmet 

top sailing helmet for adult
image credit Tontron

The Tontron Whitewater Adult Helmet is the perfect budget friendly head protection for your next sailing day out. If you don’t like the above color and design, you can choose from 17 other colors and designs. 

You can check the current price of this budget friendly option on Amazon. 

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#2 Nexus CE Approved Watersports Helmet

great sailing helmet for adults
image credit Nexus

The Nexus Watersport Helmet is a great low cost option for adults. It comes with the following:

This is a great option for sailing as it’ll help keep you safe. You can find them on Amazon in different colors. 

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#3 Pro-Tec Full Cut Water Helmet

pro-tec watersport helmet
image credit pro-tec

The Pro-tec full cut water helmet is one of the stronger water sport helmets on the market. 

This heavier duty helmet is the perfect option for more active water sports enthusiasts. 


Best Sailing Helmets for Kids 

What can be more important than protecting your children from head injury. Below are some top sailing helmets for kids. 

#1 Triple Eight Gotham Water Helmet

top sailing helmets for children
image credit triple eight

The triple eight gotham water helmet is a great option for kids. 



kids watersports helmet
image credit XJD

The XJD helmet is perfect for children aged between 3 and 13 years.

With plenty of different color options, your kids can pick their favorite color and you as a parent will have the added peace of mind knowing they’re protected. 


Best Budget Friendly Sailing Helmet 

On a budget and looking for the best value for money. Well, we have a great price helmet, normally used for biking but can be used for watersports too! 

#1 OutdoorMaster Helmet

budget friendly sailing helmet
image credit OutdoorMaster


#2 FerDIM Helmet

top budget friendly helmet
image credit: FerDim

This budget friendly helmet, although used for other sports, can be used when out enjoying water sports. It comes with: 


Best Higher Quality Sailing Helmets 

So if you are looking for a bit more quality and are willing to spend a little more for the luxury, then we’ve got you covered (pun intended) Here are some great higher quality helmets when out on the waters. 

#1 Pro-tec Ace Water Helmet 

Great high quality sailing helmet
image credit: pro-tec

You’ll find this fits quite well on the head, just make sure you get the sizing right for your head. 


#2 First Watch First Responder Water Helmet

Best high quality sailing helmet
image credit: first watch

This helmet is more for the professional. With its high vis yellow color, it’s easier to be spotted out at sea. 


What to look for when buying a good sailing helmet 

Obviously, something that helps protect your head from injury is very important. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure you only get the top quality helmets. All the helmets above meet that standard but if you’d prefer to find a different one to your unique style, you’ll want to check the following: 

Safety Certification 

Any helmet you buy should have the relevant safety certification. This ensures they are made to the highest standards. Examples of safety certifications include having the CE mark or equivalent in your own country. The last thing you want is a badly made helmet that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. 

High Impact Durable Material

You want to find a helmet that is built with solid materials to withstand an impact. Materials like Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) or Polycarbonate are extremely strong and durable.They can withstand a harder impact too than cheaper alternatives. 

Interior Lining & Material 

You’ll want to make sure the interior and lining of the helmet is made of great material. This helps with comfort and prevents scratches to your skin or head. 


Another important thing to consider for a watersports helmet is it’s comfort. You’ll want to check the buckle and chin strap to make sure it’s perfect and most importantly it’s adjustable! Also, keep an eye on the ear area. Some of the designs can scratch the ear so it’s something to keep in mind. 


Luckily, top helmets don’t come at a large cost like they once did in the past. You can pick up a great helmet between $60 - $150 which is a small price to pay for safety. So there you have it. Hopefully, you can get a top sailing helmet and enjoy boating experiences and water sports with friends and family in a safe manner! Most importantly, have fun!

If you're concerned about your safety out on the water, you can also take a look at our article on the best life jackets and vests for sailing for some inspiration.