The Best Sailing Gear for Your Next Trip

Today, you feel like a new person; you are going out on yet another sports fishing expedition.

But something is different today and that is why you are heading to your local fishing shop,

Yesterday you had a very vivid dream of what would happen today.

Perhaps you could call it a premonition since it was very vivid and etched into your memory.

You saw yourself seated on the Bimini,properly strapped into your fishing chair, Rod held between your fingers adorned in tough sailing gloves, feet planted firmly on the deck, showing off your sailing boots.

The Marlin that you have hooked is quite a fighter.

“Boy, won’t they be green with envy when I hand this baby up for weighing at the docks” you silently thought to yourself with a grin on your face.

Yes, today feels like a lovely day, and you are going to buy the best sailing clothes that you can get.

You really don’t want to jinx the premonition, do you?

So what are you going to buy?

This article shows you some of the best sailing gear that you can get on the market. You can check out the best boat gear for toddlers if you're planning on having a baby onboard your next trip.

Best Sailing Gear

1)      Sailing Jackets

The weather is not always so friendly when on the open seas. Get proper sailing foul weather jackets to ensure that you are warm, and can spend some time on deck, even when the weather is bad.Sailing jackets can also be used to shield your skin from the vagaries of the hot sun.

Here are some of the best sailing jackets you can get:

a)     Musto Men’s Coastal Channel Jacket

sailing gear

Protect yourself against wind and water,when you wear this sailing jacket. It is a PU-coated jacket specifically made for sailors who want to be on deck at all times. No running into the innards of the boat at the first sign of foul weather. It is also lined with fleece in the pockets and around the neck to keep you warm. It is a tight-fit jacket ensuring no seepage of water to the inside of the jacket.


·        Will keep you warm in the worst weather thanks to the fleece-lined pockets and collar

·        PU-coated to make it durable

·        Repels wind and water


·        It will not keep you dry should you fall in the water.


b)  Gear West Marine Men's Storm Jacket

sailing jacket

This is a lightweight and waterproof sailing jacket made of 100% Nylon Outer Shell to fully protect you from the wing and water. In order to keep your head dry, the jacket comes with a zip-off hood and a 2-way storm flap with a drainage channel.

The jacket also allows you to put an iPod or mobile phone in an inner sipped pocket, and thread the headphones through the headphone port. Who said you cannot listen to your favorite tunes when fighting bad weather on the seas?


·        100% Nylon Outer Shell for full protection

·        Lightweight and breathable

·        Mesh-lined zip-off adjustable hood

·        Internal zipped packet with headphone port

·        Articulated to allow easy movement


·        It is not designed for sailing during the winter

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2)      Sailing Shorts and Pants

The biggest mistake that you can make is to go sailing when wearing your every-day short or pants. Should the weather turn sour, you will find yourself soggy from the waist down. If you have ever been caught out in the rain, then you know how uncomfortable soggy pants can be. Here is a pair of sailing shorts and pants that you should consider:

a)     Gill Performance Sailing Shorts

sailing shorts

Gill Performance Sailing Shorts are ideal for hard-core sailors who want comfortable but durable shorts to wear on board.These shorts have quick-drying Nylon Tactel fabrics to ensure that you arealways dry on deck. They also come with UPF-50+ protection against UV rays from the sun.


·        These are ideal for both casual sailing and water sports; fishing, kayaking and much more.

·        Are made using fast-drying Nylon Tactel material

·        UPF-50+ UV ray protection          

Comfortable and durable


·        Not to be used during winter or scuba diving.


b)   ZHIK Men’s Deck beater Pants

best sailing gear

These comfortable deck beaters will give you the best deck experience you have ever had. They are made of spandex and are fully breathable. For ease of movement and convenience, they also have 77-neoprene padding. The pants are covered with a layer of ZhikTex, which makes them extremely tough and can take a lot of beating.


·        Comfortable spandex pants for the perfect fit

·        ZhikTex outer layer makes the durable and tough.


·        Once again this is not gear to use when sailing during the winter.


c)   Helly Hansen Men’s Voss Waterproof Pants

sailing clothes

Helly Hansen has once again shown their expertise in creating sailing clothes. These rain trousers are made from Helox+fabrics for the ultimate Helly Hansen Performance: Filly wind and waterproofed. The trousers come with welded seams and quick-dry materials on the inside to keep you dry even in the worst weather.


·        Made especially for tough weather

·        Created using proprietary bHelox+ materials

·        Welded seam and fast-dry innards


·        These are also not for scuba-diving


3)   Sailing T -Shirts

Every sailor wants to feel the sun on their arms, and T-Shirts are the best way to achieve this. However, you don’t want to be seen wearing the drab T-Shirt that you wear when you are mowing the lawn at home. You want one that tells everybody that you love sailing.

Here are some T-shirts you should consider when buying sailing apparel:

a)     “I am the Boat Captain”T-shirt

sailing gear

This is a wonderful T-Shirt emblazoned with the words, “I am the captain of this boat and I have my Wife’s permission tosay so”. A great conversation starter when you are going out sailing with your buddies. It is also a perfect gift for your husband, if he is a sailing buff.It is machine washed with like-colored clothes.

It is made from high quality,cotton, heather and polyester to ensure that it is strong and durable. It has a double-needle sleeve and hem, and light and fitting.


·        Hilarious message on the front of the T-Shirt.

·        Great fit and light in weight

·        Made from durable cotton,heather and polyester

·        Makes a great gift


·        Should be washed in cold water with like-colored clothes and dried over low heat.


b)     “My Boat, My Rules” T-Shirt

best sailing clothes

This is another hilarious T-Shirt that lets anyone on your boat know who the boss is. It has a classic fit and light in weight. It is made from Polyester and Cotton.


·        Classic fit and lightweight

·        Wonderful statement on front

·        100% cotton and 10% polyester


·        Only 10%polyester taking away the durability factor


4)    Sailing Shoes

You need shoes that will protect your feet from injury and slipping when you are on deck. You also want the shoes to be as fashionable as they are functional. Here are some men’s and women’s sailing shoes for you to try out:

a)     Aleader Women’s Fast-Drying Aqua Shoes

sailing shoes

These are for the ladies who love to sail;they are lightweight and breathable allowing your feet to feel cool and dry at all times. They come with a Comfort Dry Sock Liner, which gives the best cushioning against jars when on deck. The free flow of air ensures that your feet are healthy and free from foul odors.


·        Quick Drying Sailing Shoes

·        Comfort Dry sock lining for better cushioning

·        Has holes for drainage of water


·        For hot-weather use only


b)     Nautica Women’s Sail Tie Fashion Sneaker

sail shoes

These are hand-crafted shows made for the sailing woman. It has a sail-tie fashion, tough fabric lining on the inside,made of rubber with a TPR sole and a suave Polyurethane top. The fashionable design of these sailing shoes makes it great for using when on dry land too.


·        Handmade for durability and high craftsmanship

·        Does not need shoelaces thanks to the sail tie feature

·        TPR Sole,  polyurethane upper and fabric lining means protection from water while keeping your feet comfortable


·        Do not dry quickly should you get water in them.


c)      Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker

sailing clothes

If you are looking for a classy look and comfort when you are sailing, this is the shoe to get. It has a fantastic logoon the side, lace-up feature with metal eyelets. It is made of cotton ensuring that your feet breathe freely; no more odors when you take them off.


·        The label is one of the best in the world

·        Logo embroidered on the side for high fashion

·        Laced-up with metal eyelets for durability


·        It is for hot-weather use only.


d)     LXSO Men’s Water Shoes Multi functional Quick-Dry Aqua Shoes Lightweight Swim Shoes with Drainage Hole


sail gear

Enjoy a lightweight walking experience with these durable rubber shows. They come with drainage holes to drain water when it gets into your shoes. The shoes can take water into and out of the insides,making it great for those who would like to wade in the water without worrying about getting spiked by a Sea Urchin. Though made of rubber, your feet remain free from odors thanks to the drainage holes.


·        Quick-drying thanks to drainage holes.

·        Lightweight and have durable rubber soles

·        Great for all water sports and even Yoga


·        Not made for winter use

You can also check out our best sailing shoes list to see what's on the market for comfort and durability.


5)      Sailing Hats and Caps

Now who would want to go on a boat and not wear a hat to protect your head and face from the elements? You already have the perfect tan and there is no need to risk skin illnesses, so make sure you're protected at all times. Here are a couple of suitable sailing head gears for you to try out.

a)     Jacobson Hat Sailor Ship Yacht Boat Captain Hat

This is an admiral-style hat which makes you feel like the Captain of your boat – for real. This sailing clothes accessory is a must-have for anyone who takes sailing seriously. Even when you go for sport fishing, it makes a great add-on when you take a picture with your catch. The snap-back adjustment ensures that one size fits all.


·        One-size-fits-all thanks to the snap back adjustment.

·        Made from 100% cotton


·        Non whatsoever – this is a great outfit for sailing and attending costume parties.


b)     Gill Pro Cap

sailing cap

This is the perfect cap for someone who wants to wear a fashionable cap, while on the boat or on the street. It comes with 50+ UV ray protection and is made from fast-drying fabric. It is ideal for the hot weather and has a wicking headband for comfort even in the hot sun of the ocean.


·        Fashionable Sports cap design

·        Quick-drying fabrics


·        Not suited for foul weather –it is more for protection against the sun and not the rain.


6)      Other Sailing Gear

Although these are the main items that you should have when going out on your sailing trip, there are other accessories that you need to perform other functions. For example, you should not hold a fishing rod without a great pair of gloves.

Motivex Brand New SAILING GLOVES Deckhand Grippy Glove

sailing gloves

These are tough and durable sailing gloves,made of 4-way cloth for maximum protection during all situations and all weather types. They are great for handling ropes on the boat, and also gripping your fishing rod, if you are into sports fishing for huge catch like marlin.


·        Durable and tough sailing gloves

·        Pull protection of your hands

·        Great grip even when hauling heavy rope or rod


·        Since they leave the tips of the fingers exposed, they cannot be used in winter.

Finally, setting sail isn't complete without a watch of course. So you'll need to use a good watch. We've compiled a list of the best sailing watches with gps so you can do do much from your wrist.

An essential piece of sailing gear for your next trip of course.

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In conclusion

Well, now you know some of the best sailing gear that you can buy from the store or order online. You may now go out and hook the largest marlin ever, as you saw in your dreams. The best sailing gear is designed primarily for comfort and safety, but the designs shown above are also fashionable.

Go on and get your sailing gear prepared for your next trip. You will surely feel like a new person strutting around on deck with your new attire.