How To Increase Boat Value

Upgrade Boat Interior | Upgrade Boat Exterior | Upgrade Boat Electronics | Regular Boat Engine Service/Maintenance

So you are considering selling your boat and want to get the most value for it as you can.Well, this guide should help assist in extracting as much value and pushing the price of your boat up when selling.

The first thing to do is work out the price of your boat in it's current state so you have a baseline figure to work with. Once you have this number, it's time to start improving the boat to get the most value.

Now, before we get into tips and tricks to increase the value, if your boat is already in top condition, these ideas will add a few hundred dollars to the value so you've got to balance out whether it's worth it or not to add certain things.

And for those wondering, this applies to all owners of vessels like:

Okay, you get the idea...

Some of the things you can do won't cost a whole lot but will add a lot of value to the boat in question. So there are tips here that cost little to implement.

There are a number of ways to increase the value of your boat including: 

We'll get into more details below and the ideas should have your boat and at worst looking and feeling like new. So it's a win win situation.

Right, let's start to increase that boat value!

Upgrade Interior

There are a number of interior upgrades you can do to add value to your boat.They don't have to cost a fortune to do either and can be done by most DIY people.

Let's take a look at what can be done.

Upgrade/Clean Upholstery


As a boat gets used more over the years, the interior tends to look worn and dated. There are numerous ways to upgrade the upholstery.

Starting off, you can give your boat upholstery a deep clean. It's important to do this regularly to avoid stains. However, this won't get rid of cracks in leather or damage to the seating cushions.

If you have vinyl seats onboard, here's a video from Mile High Campers that shows how to reupholster boat interior.

Doing something like this can really give your boat a boost in value as the seats can very easily get worn over time and having a new upholstery brings more life in to your boat.

It will also give the boat a more modern look.

Upgrade/Clean Interior Furniture

boat furniture interior upgrade

If you own a yacht or a boat with interior furniture like a kitchen/table or cabinets etc, you can have it looking brand new in no time.

With multiple use, these pieces of furniture can look old and dated and can easily get damaged over time. There are a number of options here to add value to your boat.

This can make a HUGE difference to your boat and really hike up the price of your boat.

You have two options here. You can DIY the interior furniture and repair and re sand all the cabinets and worktops. You can then add varnish or a protective paint to give it that extra shine.

Here's Captains varnish on Amazon you could pick up. Just make sure you don't accidentally buy the wrong paint!

If you don't enjoy the DIY option, you could hire a carpenter to do the work for you. This would be especially useful if there is a lot of damage that you'll need to fix.

The cost of a carpenter can add up so make sure you get an all in price before agreeing with anyone. Having all the furniture functioning properly and looking new will add lots of value to the boat.

Upgrade/Replace Boat Carpets

upgrade boat carpets
photo: solarsailor

Nobody likes a dirty or stained carpet. It really leaves the boat looking bad or old and dated. Well, a simple fix is cleaning the carpet or replacing it if it's particularly bad.

You can use a simple steam carpet cleaning solution to remove dirt or find new boat carpet on Amazon to have your boat looking new.

Want a modern looking boat? This is a quick way to add value.

Upgrade Exterior

upgrade exterior to add boat value

Maintaining your boat's exterior is not only important for the value of the boat but also for it to function properly. This is another massive thing that can add to your boat value.

Fixing things like hull damage,erosion or deck damage is a quick win in increasing value. Even getting the exterior repainted with special boat paint can pay dividends.

Repair/Clean Boat Hull

You'll need to ensure there is no damage on the hull and that it's spotlessly clean with no marine life living under there. This will effect the performance of the boat over time.

You can read our cleaning a boat hull guide for how to get rid of any dirt under there. It's also quite surprising how much can actually build up over time.

If there is damage on the hull area, you'll obviously want to repair it too. This is a very important step. Also, adding a coat of paint will do it wonders and have it looking brand new!

Repair/Clean Boat Deck

Repairing and cleaning the boat deck is another great way to increase the value of your boat. First impressions are important and when someone steps onto your boat, it's generally the first thing they'll see.

You can check out our cleaning a boat deck guide for tips on keeping it clean. Alternatively, you can repair or replace the deck but replacing a boat deck can be costly, especially for larger boats.

A simple coat of special boat deck paint should do the trick in giving the deck a fresh new clean look.

Upgrade Electronics

increase boat value with upgrade boat electronics

Want a quick win in increasing a boats value? Upgrade it's electronics. With older boats, you may not have all teh features a modern vessel will have.

So there are some great ways to increase the value like: 

Add/Upgrade Autopilot

Depending on your boat, you may or may not have an autopilot system installed. But a really easy way to increase the value of your boat is to add or upgrade the autopilot system.

There are easy ways to install and autopilot system and you can check out our article on the best autopilot systems for boats

This simple installation can add great value to the boat and doesn't have to be complicated to install.

Upgrade Lighting

Upgrading your boat lights is another simple trick to have your boat looking new.

Some of the older boats have the older lighting but upgrading boat internal and external lighting to modern LED lights or something newer you'd prefer can have an impact on the vessels value.

Add Wifi

Imagine being able to offer wifi and internet onboard. We'll here's probably the quickest win to do on the list. You can simply add internet to your boat and it'll really help increase the boat value.

You can check out our best marine wifi extenders guide to find the ideal one for your specific needs.

Add/Upgrade Fridge/Coolers

Imagine the value in having a modern cooler or fridge onboard to keep your beer or food cool while enjoying a boating trip.

Well adding a boat cooler or fridge is the best option. This will add value as you'll be adding extra features to your boat just like the wifi above which doesn't generally come with older boats.

Upgrade/Maintain Boat Engine

boat engine upgrade

Another great way to increase the value of your boat is to regularly service the boat engine. This will ensure proper running.

If you get it professionally serviced, keep the receipts of this for when you decide to sell the boat. It's a great bonus and will definitely help add value.

Regularly maintaining your boat engine is very important. It doesn't have to be hard. You can read our guide on keeping boat motor from freezing for tips on doing it right during the winter.

Another guide worth looking at is the cleaning a boat fuel tank article. Making sure no dirt gets into the engine is important and regularly cleaning it will help aid erosion from the sea water also.


Increasing the value of your boat doesn't have to be hard or expensive as we've shown. And once you've increased that value, you're going to want to know how to sell a boat fast.

Adding simple features like a boat cooler, new fridge, wifi extenders or adding a new coat of paint to both the interior and exterior of the boat can make a big difference to the value.

Whether you're a DIY'er or want to hire someone to do the repairs/upgrades for you, there are plenty of professional boating services out there to assist at a price of course.

Spending a day sorting your boat from top to bottom might be all it takes to have things looking modern and new. Just don't messing about with things you don't understand or you might regret it.

Once you've upgraded it, you can sell or figure out ways to make money from your boat. There are plenty of options out there.